Youtube Taking Down on a Popular Rhythm Discord music bot, A major blow to Discord users!

Google-owned Youtube has been in a livid milieu with Discord music bots. A few weeks ago, after taking down the Groovy Discord Music, Youtube is now paying heed to another music bot, Rhythm. The Discord’s most popular music bot, Rhythm, enables its users to play music from videos on Youtube via Discord servers. It has over 560 million users, with 30 million using it every month. 20 million Discord servers had the music bot installed.

After sending a cease-and-desist notice to the music bot developers, Google requested that the Rythm be discontinued within seven days. The service adhered to by deactivating its most popular music bot on the 15th of September, 2021. With 150 million monthly active users on Discord, the discontinuation had a significant impact on millions of its userbase.

Giving a Discord message to The Verge, the developer of the Rhythm Discord music bot, ‘Yaov,’ clearly admits, “One way or another we knew this was due to happen eventually.” With Youtube taking down on Groovy and Rhythm Discord music bot will probably bring users to look for other alternatives. Smaller bot creators could face a similar situation if they attempt to fill in voids of previous bots.

Youtube Taking Down on a Popular Rhythm Discord music bot, A major blow to Discord users!
Rhythm Bot in Discord

Meanwhile, significant activity is underway where Youtube and Discord are collaborating to work in some sort of an alternative. Discord has been experimenting with a Social Party feature for the past ten months. It enables Discord users to create a YouTube viewing party. It cannot exclusively act as a substitute for the Rhythm music bot but it will be an authentic way to stream Youtube content via Discord provided if the feature ever gets released.

Both Google and Discord have been reached out to speak further on the discontinuation of Rhythm. However, neither of them responded at the time of publication.

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