Xiaomi Mi Boost Pro Power Bank with 30000 mAh Battery

Xiaomi Mi has launched a new product Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh, on its Mi Crowdfunding website. As the name suggests, it has a battery capacity of 30000 mAh. It is more powerful than even and also extra efficient and worldwide compatible.

Let us look at Mi Boost Pro Power Bank Specification, Price, Features, and where you can buy it.

1. Specification and Features

Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000 mAh has a Superior Anti-Skid Finish similar to Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro. As you have already read, it has a 30000 mAh massive battery. It has lithium polymers cell with advanced 16 layer circuit protection for safety measures.

It has 4 ports, 2 Type-A USB ports, 1 Type-C USB port, and the last one is a micro USB port. That’s why Mi named it Universally Compatible.  Type C port can act as both an input and an output with Power Delivery 3.0 (PD 3.0). It can also charge in two ways: one with a Micro USB port and another with a Type C port.

But if you charge your power bank with Micro USB, it gives you the input of 18W, while if you charge it with a Type C port, it will give you 24W input. If you charge your power bank with 18W(Micro USB Port), it will take 10 hours to get 100%, but if you charge it with 24W(Type C Port), it will only take 7.5 hours to charge fully.

Xiaomi Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000 mAh
Charging 3 Devices simultaneously | Source: Mi Store

For output, it has 3 ports, out of which 2 USB Type-A ports and a Type C port so that you can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Type A will give the output of port 18W, and Type C port will give the output of 24W because it supports PD 3.0(Power Delivery). As you know, low power mode is required for smartwatches and smart bands; as you double-tap on the power button, the low power mode will be activated. The weight of this Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh is 640grams.

2. Price and Where to buy

This  Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh  has just been put on the crowdfunding site by the company. Its Price on the crowdfunding site is 1,999. Mi set a goal of 5000 units in 15 days as a part of the crowdfunding campaign. If this campaign will get successful, they will start delivering this item from May 15. Till now, it has 1565 funding done (at the time of writing). As per the official tweet hint, the price will be 2,299 after the crowdfunding campaign ends.

What’s your view on this Mi Boost Pro Power Bank 30000mAh let us know in the comment below.

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