Why Roblox players are getting insta-banned for joining the Crosswoods experience

Roblox has a new game called Crosswoods, which has banned several accounts over the past few days. Many fans are still wondering if this news is true or not but, here is the fact: it is hundred per cent true. The coding of Crosswoods bans your account.

We will tell you why playing Crosswoods bans your Roblox account, here.

Crosswoods Ban: What is the News?

If you do not know what is happening, here is a short recap. Recently, a lot of players were banned on Roblox after playing a game called Crosswoods. At first, it looked like a glitch to most but later, things got clearer.

This banning of accounts is not a glitch on the platform but, an intentional act by Crosswoods. We will tell you how.

Roblox Crosswoods: What causes banning?
Crosswoods | Source: Roblox

Roblox Crosswoods: What causes banning?

Banning accounts seems quite illogical because if you were a developer, you would make money each time someone played your game, right? Well, there is a little more to this story.

The coding of Crosswoods is quite unfavorable. The moment you play the game, it exploits your account and you become a violator of Roblox’s terms of service. It shows that you have said derogatory stuff in the chat.

Each game has a set of programming that blocks players using hate speech or violating their rules. The coding of Crosswoods tricks this programming and reports you at first. When you are reported repeatedly, the program bans you.

Humans do not monitor the programming 24×7 so, no one can ever know if you are a violator or not.

Crosswoods: How to Prevent Banning?

Fortunately, you can prevent this banning by not playing Crosswoods at all. Be very alert and look out for its copies. You must know that a new game will not always be labeled as “Crosswoods.” So, do not play any unfamiliar games at all.

Roblox Crosswoods: What causes banning?
Crosswoods | Source: Roblox

Remember to download new games from trusted sources like Play Store and App Store only.


It is common to have such bugs in games but, it is equally important to keep your eyes and ears open. You should prevent yourself and others from downloading unfamiliar stuff.

As per a few sources, Crosswoods is now not available but, you should still be aware. You genuinely don’t want to lose out on your hard-earned rewards and related elements in the game.

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