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There can only be one winner; Among all the action-adventure games I have ever played, undoubtedly God of War is the best. The game was first launched back then in 2005 on PlayStation 2 video game console and presently, God of War can be played even on a PC. However, In the 2018 version, the main antagonist’s identity isn’t completely revealed. He was initially called ‘The Stranger’. In the 2022 version, we have to brawl with ‘The Stranger’ and his identity is even revealed. In God of War Who is “The Stranger?”; ‘What are his special powers?’; ‘What is his backstory?’ Let us find it out.

1. Who is the Stranger in God of War 4 for PC/PS5/PS4?

Stranger in God of War | Source: SheppArts

In God of War, ‘The Stranger’ is revealed to be Baldur. However, the very next question that struck your mind after reading this is ‘Who is Baldur?’ Here is the answer: Baldur is the most beloved creature in Norse Mythology; he was the Viking god of light, joy, purity, and summer, precisely known as the Norse God of Light.

The human mind is a mess that always has something to ask. Now it starts questioning you, ‘What is the connection between Baldur and Ragnarok, the next God of War title?’. Baldur is the son of The Allfather Odin and Vanir goddess Freya, which in turn makes him the brother of THOR.

2. Stranger God of War 4 | What are his special Powers?

Stranger Powers in God of War

I envy Baldur because I feel even if I make myself a god, I wouldn’t have as many powers as Baldur. Baldur was Odin’s best tracker and his inability to feel pain makes him a vicious fighter. Moreover, He has a great regenerating healing factor which makes him an immortal. Also, he was a master in hand-to-hand combats. Furthermore, he even has limitless stamina.

Moreover, he was capable of using light as his weapon in combats; among all the strongest of Norse Gods, Baldur was extremely durable; he can easily surpass any mortal or monster; Not just Light, Baldur was capable of gaining the power to control any element to which he was exposed to by absorbing them. Dude Baldur come on man, you can’t have these many powers, defeating you has already become something next to impossible.

3. Stranger God of War PC | What is his backstory?

On Odin’s order, Baldur tracked Kratos and goaded into a fight. Despite Kratos’s great power, Baldur couldn’t feel any pain; the battle continued and Kratos started getting exhausted but Baldur is still steady like a wall and fighting against them; Kratos snapped Baldur’s neck, seemingly killing him but because of his invulnerability he survived.

Stranger Warns Kratos

He then meets his nephews, Magni and Modi (Thor’s sons) and three of them interrogate Mimir, a God Odin has trapped. They question Mimir about the whereabouts of the remaining Kratos and Atreus. However, On failing to get answers from Mimir, three of them continue their journey to find Kratos and Atreus. Baldur finds Kratos and Atreus at the gate through which they were trying to enter Jotunheim located on the top of the mountain.

Defeating Kratos and Atreus was easy peasy to Baldur. He then gets on his dragon and a few Kratos jump onto the tail of his dragon in order to stop Baldur from fighting with the Gods. By the time Baldur lands, he gets separated from the three protagonists and then after a long journey, we again meet Baldur. Moreover, I feel Baldur’s story itself could be written and developed into a game. He isn’t an antagonist but I feel he is an anti-hero; most powerful and evil.

4. Stranger God of War 2018 | What do I feel about Baldur?

As said ‘Powerful people make places powerful’; I feel someone as might as Baldur is a perfect antagonist because the stronger you defeat, the mightier you rise. If I have any chance to wish God for some boon, it would for sure be to have all powers Baldur has.

As I study more about Baldur, the more I would love his personality, the more I envy his powers and the more I get addicted to God of War. Tomorrow itself, I will download the PC version and start playing God of War. Until then, Happy Gaming!

5. About God of War PC

God of War PC is an action-adventure game based on Norse mythology developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by PlayStation PC LLC for PC. It is the first God of War title released for PC. The much-awaited PC variant was released on 14th January 2022. The game is the successor to 2010’s God of War III and the 8th installment to the God Of War series.

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