Who is the Naked Man that Help You Defeat Malenia in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game which released on the 25th of February, 2022. Elden Ring is a game about traveling and exploring the Lands Between, as you defeat demigods along the way to collect shards of the Elden Ring itself to become the new Elden Lord. It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. You need to take down bosses in Elden Ring to continue your in-game survival. So, it’s a mandatory thing for a player to know how to defeat a boss in Elden Ring.

Here is the best way you can defeat one of the bosses in Elden Ring, Malenia. A Naked Man in Elden Ring helps you in defeating her. While you are facing against Malenia, a Naked Man will come alongside you and fight for you. Who is this Naked Man in Elden Ring? Who is Malenia? How does this Naked Man in Elden Ring fight for you or fight on your side against Malenia? Does the Naked Man’s help favor us in any way? Find answers for all these below –

1. Who is Malenia and Where Do You Meet Malenia in Elden Ring?

Who is the Naked Man that will Fight Malenia for You in Elden Ring?
Malenia in Elden Ring

Malenia is one such particular boss, who has become notorious for being the most divisive boss encounter among the player base. She is one of the hardest bosses ever found in the game; one of the hardest bosses ever formed by the Software. This is because of her devastating life steal and Scarlet Rot-inflicting moves.

Having summons can actually hurt you while you are facing Malenia. It is one of the few fights in which this happens. The Elden Ring community has recently discovered someone who can help you in defeating Malenia. The discovery is popularly known as ‘Naked Man’.

2. Who is this Naked Man in Elden Ring?

Naked Man in Elden Ring

Naked Man in Elden Ring is also known by his character name ‘Let me Solo Her’. He is like a jolly cooperator whose sole purpose is to help you in defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella. His name is Klein Tsuboi; also known as Little Tsuboi. Klein Tsuboi plays as a naked man with only a glass jar on his head. He also has two katanas, one in each hand.

His character is titled: “Let me solo her”. This line serves as a request for the host and any other summons in the session. The request is to stay on the sidelines where it is safe while he takes on Malenia alone.

3. How Does this Naked Man Fight for You or Fight on Your Side Against Malenia?

Most of you sight doubt whether the Naked Man is capable of defeating Malenia all alone. For this question, my answer will be ‘Yes’. He is very much capable of defeating her alone.

Few of you might doubt can’t I defeat Malenia without taking his help? For this, my answer will be ‘No’, it’s impossible for you to defeat Malenia without taking Klein Tsuboi’s help.

4. ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Player Has Killed Malenia Over 2,000 Times

As we already tell you that, Let Me Solo Her, also known by their online handle KleinTsuboiOW, is a truly legendary player among the Elden Ring community. Malenia is one of the most difficult game boss you encounter in Elden Ring.

However, by requesting that players simply stand back and watch ‘Let Me Solo Her’ take on the boss single-handedly. Thousands of players have been assisted in this manner. Also, Let Me Solo Her has confirmed on Reddit that they have achieved over 2,000 Malenia kills, and have reportedly lost count of the true number at this point.

Also by seeing this achievement by ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Elden Ring publisher Bandai Namco send him a a personal gift but due to some paperwork issue the gift didn’t reach out to him. However, some other people also celebrate this achivement by doing different things like:

  • A New Zealand restaurant has a Let Me Solo Her drink.
  • Creating an action figure in KleinTsuboiOW’s honor.
  • Another, modder has even added Let Me Solo Her as a custom NPC to summon.
  • Iconic outfit consisting of nothing but a jar on the head

5. Is the Naked Man’s Help in Any Way Useful?

I find his help to be very impressive; if you don’t let me, tell you why it is impressive –

Malenia is tough enough on her own, it is even more of a challenge when you are a summon with less health and FP, and fewer healing items. All of this makes defeating Malenia difficult. And aspects like bosses in Elden Ring also get more health the more summons you in a session; makes defeating him a bit near to impossible.

Even in this scenario, Mr. Let me solo her comes out in order to help you. This is because he has mastered the fight; and knows it like the back of his hand at this point; and is able to take down Malenia in both phases without taking unnecessary damage.

So, his help is for sure the most prominent thing that can help you defeat Malenia.

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