Where To Find & Locate the Last Present in Fortnite Winterfest 2021

The Winterfest 2021 event in Fortnite has been going well for some time now. Players have been getting all kinds of new challenges and rewards after participating in the event. However, players are unable to find the location of the last present to open in Fortnite Winterfest 2021. Here’s how you can find & open the last present at Fortnite Winterfest 2021 event.

Location of Last Present in Fortnite Winterfest 2021

It’s Day 14 and it shows there are a total of 5 presents for you to open. You can find and open all the 5 presents at Fortnite Winterfest 2021 by heading to the lodge. You get the option to visit the lodge in the main menu itself. Now coming back to the gifts, you can open them one at a time to get emotes, wraps, and spray among other things as a reward.

Fortnite Presents During the Winterfest 2021 Event | Source: Epic Games

However, players are only able to open 4 presents out of 5 and are in trouble finding the last present in Fortnite Winterfest 2021 event. In the lodge it says you have one more present to open, but when you find there isn’t any more left to open. It sounds confusing just as it is.

Well, if you can’t find the last present in fortnite Winterfest, you won’t because it’s just a glitch. In the glitch, its shows there is one last present to be opened there in the lodge but there isn’t any left to be found. Now, this glitch can be the result of the Fortnite server being down recently. The Fortnite servers were down for about 5 hours.

Moreover, there are certain steps you can follow to fix the last present glitch in Fortnite. Check the steps provided below and see whether they work for you.

How to Fix Last Present Glitch in Fortnite Winterfest 2021 Event

The first and foremost thing you need to ensure is to check thoroughly within the lodge for any last remaining presents. If you can’t find one restart your game. Restarting your game should solve the issue. If the issue still persists, make sure to alter your settings to the right one.

Head over to the account & privacy settings, and ensure that the Can Receive Gifts setting is turned ON. If the glitch still won’t get fixed, you just need to wait. As before mentioned, the servers were down for a long period of time after so long. So we all have to wait for the developers to get the glitch fixed. Until then, Happy Gaming!

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8 thoughts on “Where To Find & Locate the Last Present in Fortnite Winterfest 2021

  1. You can’t it really won’t work and if you think it is a gift stop trying because you won’t find one restart your game and or set your anonymous mode off then restart or select game mode those are the three ways for me that helped so maybe it’ll help you guys or whoever has this issue.

  2. Can you please say on how to do on Nintendo switch.If your present isn’t there there then stay in the winterfest presents and go to the main menu and click reporting/feedback then go to report a bug and go the bottom and it will say other click that then click continue and epic games may have send you your present

    1. For your reference it can be found by clicking on the snowflake at the top of the screen in main menu, next to the Fortnite V-Bucks button. Thereafter, Winterfest 2021 screen will appear, click on the ‘Visit Lodge’ to enter the lodge. Hope this helps!

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