Where to Find Every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost Ark | Locations & How to Get Them

Lost Ark, the game that went on the top charts of Steam is an RPG. In this game, the player steps into the world of Arkesia and allows you to explore the seven continents and seas while exploring you also fight mythical beasts, learn more about culture and seek the lost treasures. Moreover, this game is perfect for players who love to play Dark Fantasy games. Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark are mainly the game currency and they can be exchanged for items like potions, cards, and blueprints of many rarities like epic and legendary.

If you want to collect these seeds, you’ll usually find them in small areas, while completing important parts of your Adventure Tome and also while completing the quest from the main story. To find these seeds the best place to start finding is the continent of Anikka, this continent has four dungeons that have Mokoko seeds.

Jeok’s Barrier which is in Melody Forest has seven of the Mokoko seeds, but in order to find all these seeds, you need to complete the dungeons. Completing these dungeons can be very tricky and if you miss any, there can be spots from where you can’t go back.

1. Every Mokoko Seeds in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost Ark

Carriage blocking the Path — Mokoko Seed #1 

Where to find every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost ARK | Locations, How to Get Them and More
Mokoko Seed #1 Location

After entering this area, start heading in the north direction and destroy the carriage that is blocking your path, after destroying it the Mokoko seed is just past the carriage on the left side of the path, you’ll find your first Mokoko seed in plain sight.

Where to find every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost ARK | Locations & How to Get Them
Mokoko Seed #1 in Jeok’s Barrier

Defeating the Fiends- Mokoko Seed #2 and #3 

After getting the first seed, a portal to the next location and start heading north, and as the path turns west, you need to stick to the northern edge and fight the fiends. Moreover, as you fight the fiends and defeat like 15–20 of them, you will pass a crater that will be burning just to the north of the path, just a little past it on the edge of the cliff, you will find the second seed.

Where to find every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost ARK | Locations & How to Get Them
Mokoko Seed #2 Location in Jeok’s Barrier

After getting the next seed, keep moving forward in the west direction and defeat the last of the fiends. Furthermore, after the fight starts moving in the north direction where there is a dead-end, follow all the way left into the water and you will see the next Mokoko seed in the grass at the base of the waterfall.

Where to find every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost ARK | Locations & How to Get Them
Mokoko Seed #3 Location in Jeok’s Barrier

Hidden Jump Point- Mokoko Seed #4 and #5 

In order to find the next two seeds, you need to keep following the main quest and jump past the rock jump point to get through to the next area. Moreover, After As you reach this next area the text of the quest changes to ‘Remove the stalagmites blocking the path’. Start heading west and destroy all the stalagmites at the end to see a jump point access to seeds four and five.

Mokoko Seed #4 and #5 Location in Jeok’s Barrier

The Green Glow- Mokoko Seed #6

After getting the seeds four and five, start heading east as you follow the main quest while going through this path you’ll encounter a green glowing area with all the monsters waiting for you, and once you’ve defeated all of them, start moving toward the short dead-end that is in the northern area. At the end of it near the edge of the cliff is the seed number six.

Mokoko Seed #6 Location in Jeok’s Barrier

Defeating Varto- Mokoko Seed #7 

In order to get this final Mokoko seed in Jeok’s Barrier, you need to head towards the end of the dungeon and defeat the monster Varto. Moreover, after you’ve defeated him and start to leave the dungeon, head up to the stone steps that lead to the corner of the final room. You’ll find the last seed at the top of the stone steps, hidden beside the rock on the left-hand side.

Mokoko Seed #7 Location in Jeok’s Barrier

2. About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a top-down 2.5D fantasy MMORPG game. It is co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate’s game development subsidiary Smilegate RPG. It was fully released in the South Korean region on December 4, 2019.

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