WhatsApp will Limit Features for Accounts that don’t Accept New Privacy Policy

After the global criticism, WhatsApp new privacy policy got extended in February 2021 because the Facebook-owned company needed more time to explain all set of rules related to its new privacy policy. WhatsApp extended the deadline to May 15, 2021.

WhatsApp has now decided not to deactivate the accounts who don’t accept the privacy policy but limit some features. However, the changes won’t come so suddenly.

After May 15, WhatsApp will continue sending reminders to the users about the new privacy policy. When the users receive the persistent reminders, they will encounter limited functionality on WhatsApp until they accept the updated privacy policy of WhatsApp. Limited functionality will not happen to all the users simultaneously.

The users may encounter the following limited functionality:

WhatsApp will Limit Features for Accounts that don't Accept New Privacy Policy
WhatsApp Features that will be Limited | Source: WhatsApp
  • You won’t be able to access your WhatsApp chat list. However, if you have enabled the WhatsApp notification, you can tap on them to read and respond. You still can answer the incoming voice and video calls and call back a missed phone or video call.
  • Not only this, after few weeks, if you still didn’t accept the policy, WhatsApp will limit your incoming calls and notifications and will also stop sending messages and calls to your phone.

In its updated privacy policy, WhatsApp mentioned that they wouldn’t delete your account after May 15. Still, they will follow their existing inactive user policy, i.e., after 120 days of inactivity, WhatsApp accounts are generally deleted. This means that if you refuse to accept the new privacy policy, you will eventually end up losing your account.

New Privacy Policy

The new terms of services and privacy policy exclusively relate to messages sent to businesses on WhatsApp. Facebook server will store that data for advertising purposes. Users will have the control to share their number with a business or not or block business anytime. This feature is completely optional.

After the new policy comes into effect, the privacy and security of your messages will not get affected. WhatsApp messages will remain end-to-end encrypted, which means parent company Facebook cannot read your messages.

WhatsApp has clarified to its users that the new policy will not affect them. The changes are only for chats with business accounts.

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