WhatsApp Update: iPhone users get two great features that Android users don’t have!

When it comes to cross-platform messaging applications, WhatsApp sure does top the charts. Used by billions of users, WhatsApp is keen on improving the user experience by rolling out regular updates. As it usually goes with WhatsApp, iOS users are the first ones to get updates. Recently iPhone users get two great features on WhatsApp Update that Android users don’t have!

What’s in the Update?

The latest WhatsApp update lets iOS users get more control over the disappearing messages feature in groups and see larger media previews. These features first appeared in the beta version of the messaging app a few days back, but now the official version for iPhone users is out. Android users would also get to have hands-on experience of these features soon.

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1. Ability to view larger media

With the 2.21.71 WhatsApp update, it is now simpler for iOS users to view larger media. This basically means you will no longer have to view the complete picture or a video by clicking on them. The image or video received by you or shared by you on the messaging app will not appear inside a small square box, and you can now view the media in its original size. This feature is only available for iOS users for now.

2. Control over the disappearing messages feature in groups

The second feature for iOS users is allowing the settings of disappearing messages in a group. Earlier, only the group admin can alter the settings of disappearing messages, whether to turn it off or not. After this update, now every member of the group has the power to change the disappearing message settings. However, there is a condition.

It is still in the hands of the group admin whether he wants the participants to change the settings in the group. The group admin can now alter the settings to permit only the admins to change the disappearing messages settings. This can be done by changing the “Edit Group Info” by the admin. You cannot make changes to the group’s settings unless allowed by the group admin. WhatsApp has given both the options to the users, but in the end, it’s all upto group admin decision.

The disappearing messages feature was first seen on WhatsApp last year. The disappearing messages feature basically implies that the messages remain in the chatbox for a specific period of time and will disappear after seven days. For that, you need to first turn the settings on to use the feature

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