WhatsApp Features Expected to launch in 2021

The Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp keeps impressing us by launching new features every month to enhance the user experience. With over 2 billion users, Whatsapp provides various features in a single platform and pushes updates from time to time.

Like the past few years, WhatsApp has been working on new features for this year too. These new features will surely improve the messaging experience and add other calling and media improvements. Here’s the list:

I. Mute Videos before Sending

As per the reports by WABetaInfo, Users will soon be allowed to mute the videos before sending them to their contacts on WhatsApp, and this feature is currently under development. This feature will add a volume icon to the video’s left side where we usually edit the video, which on one tap will mute the video before sharing. WhatsApp has already started rolling out this new feature for their beta tests after releasing the update.

II. Insurance and Micro-Pensions

Via partnerships with licensed financial services companies, the Facebook-owned messaging platform plans to carry out health insurance and micro-pension products in India.

WhatsApp will work with SBI General to introduce a sachet-health insurance cover and HDFC Pension to deliver National Pension Products in the first phase. They will fulfil the needs of the people through the application without any hectic and less documentation.

III. Multiple-device Support

WhatsApp| Source: Pexels

WhatsApp currently allows only two devices to log in at a time, one through the mobile and the other with the Desktop. If someone tries to open WhatsApp from another mobile device, the previously registered device gets removed.

Multiple-device Support will enable users to log in to WhatsApp from multiple devices simultaneously. This feature will allow the user to use WhatsApp from up to four mobile phones or desktops.

IV. Read Later 

Read later feature will work similarly to the Archive chat feature. The main difference between the two is that with the Read later feature, the user will not receive any notifications for the selected chat like we used to get in the Archived chats. Users will be able to edit the settings using the edit button in Read later.  

V. Join missed group call

WhatsApp will allow the user to Join the missed group call that is still active with this upcoming feature. Currently, if someone misses the group call, that person can not enter in between, and the user would have to call again or send an invitation, but with this update, the user can easily connect with the ongoing group call.

crop couple having video call with black girl
WhatsApp Video Call | Source: Pexels

V. Voice and video call on Web and Desktop

It is undoubtedly the most useful feature we will receive as it will allow both the WhatsApp Web and the Desktop application to support video and voice calls.  It will help those who spend most of the time with their laptops/computers and less on mobile phones. With an active internet connection, you can audio or video call someone using WhatsApp on your computer/laptop.

VI. Copy Paste multiple photos

WhatsApp will allow you to copy and paste the images from one chat to another directly with this new feature directly in the chatbox. Currently, you have to export with the forward icon, but with this, you’ll be able to copy-paste in other’s chat easily.

VII. Separate Ringtone

WhatsApp will push an update where there will be a separate ringtone for the individual and the group audio or video calls. With this, you can differentiate between the two with the help of a ringtone only.

VIII. Variable Playback Speed UI

Like YouTube, WhatsApp is coming up with a feature that will allow users to increase the media file’s speed. User will be able to increase or decrease the Playback speed accordingly.

NOTE: WhatsApp has announced some of these features mentioned above, and some are still not announced. However, the platform may soon announce these features.

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