What is Copper Used for in Minecraft? Best Uses of Copper in Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft enthusiast, you will probably be aware of the June 8, 2021 release of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update Part-1 (also known as version 1.17) for Java, Bedrock, and Pocket editions. New mobs, places to visit, blocks, plants, and other stuff have been introduced to stimulate user interest. Copper was also added as a new item in the same update, and it plays an important role in the most recent Minecraft Caves and Cliff update 1.18 as well. Here you will receive the complete guide regarding its’ extraction and for which purposes are Copper used in Minecraft.

I. Where can you find Copper?

Copper is incredibly useful in Minecraft, just like it is in real life. However, the first question is how can we get copper in the game. So, first and foremost, try to address that question.

Copper Ore blocks can be mined for 2-3 Raw copper each block. The Copper Ore block, like Iron Ore, may be found easily underground. It is mostly discovered at Y-Levels 47-48; however, it can also be found at Y-Level 64. It can also be found below the bottom of the world in Deepslate, which has become an important section of the world after the release of Minecraft 1.18.

We’ll have to mine each Copper block with any Pickage of Stone or higher quality once we’ve found the Copper Ore block. However, I recommend using Fortune enchanted Pickage to boost the amount of copper you gain from each block.

II. How can be Copper used in Minecraft?

Here are the top 5 uses for which copper is used in Minecraft:

1. Copper Ingots:

The previously produced Raw Copper cannot be used for any purpose and must therefore be melted in a furnace to produce copper Ingots, which are significantly more flexible and serve as a building block for all copper-based goods.

Copper ingots can be made by melting raw copper in a furnace or blast furnace with any type of fuel, such as wood, coal, or charcoal. The fuel should go in the bottom left slot, and the copper should go in the top-left position of the furnace respectively. The obtained copper ingots can be used to obtain other materials by placing them in the following way on the crafting table:

  • Copper Block: 9 copper ingots in a 3×3 grid.
  • Spyglass: 2 copper ingots with an Amethyst shard on top
  • Lightning Rod: 3 copper ingots in vertical line.

2. Lightning Rod:

It can be made from copper ingots by arranging three of them in a vertical line on the crafting table.

It’s utilized to redirect lightning strikes in the game so that they don’t hit the blocks but instead hit the road. It can also be used to detect thunder strokes because it emits white sparkles when one is approaching.

3. Spyglass:

Spyglass may be readily made from copper ingots by stacking two ingots on top of each other and adding an Amethyst shard on top of it.

The spyglass is a type of telescope or binoculars that can be used to zoom in on certain places to spy or examine a specific thing. While using it, the user’s speed is decreased, and after 1 minute of operation, the user’s view is automatically zoomed out.

4. Copper blocks:

Copper blocks can be used to decorate your Minecraft world. They can be made by arranging nine copper ingots in a 3×3 grid. It is an excellent option for storing copper ingots.

They are used as the most versatile decorative block because they oxidize and turn green over time. There are four kinds of copper blocks:

  • Copper block: Can be used to make cut copper block
  • Cut copper block: Can be used in decoration and to make cut copper stairs and slabs.
  • Cut copper stairs: Can be used to make stairs.
  • Cut copper slabs: Can be used to make slabs for buildings and decoration

The blocks can easily be modified to build structures, houses, stairs of houses, etc.

5. Waxed Copper blocks:

The main feature of copper blocks is that it is the only decorative item that changes color with time. But sometimes we don’t want the color to change as it will not match with the color contrast of our decoration.

The best alternative for doing so is to create waxed copper blocks by combining the honeycomb item with the copper block. They do not get oxidized and remain of the same color throughout.

But what if the copper blocks have already oxidized, so how will they be deoxidized or how will you turn the waxed blocks into normal ones? The answers are simple you just need to use axe on the oxidized or waxed copper block to turn them into deoxidized and regular blocks respectively.

III. Conclusion:

Copper has a huge significance in the real world and, since Minecraft’s release, in Minecraft as well. It has become the most significant component in the construction of many constructions, such as staircases and slabs. Both waxed and unwaxed versions are available for use as decorative items. It’s also useful for making spyglasses and lightning rods. We hope we were able to assist you in expanding your knowledge!!

What do you think which use of copper in Minecraft is more significant? Do tell us in the comments below!!

IV. About Minecraft

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no set goals to achieve, giving players a great deal of freedom in how they play the game.  However, an achievement system is referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation adaptations. Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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