What do we need to do after defeating Godrick in Elden Ring?

The Stormveil Castle is the first big location you will most likely accomplish, with the boss at the conclusion of the stronghold being the Lord of that which is Golden, Godrick the Grafted. This will complete the Limgrave section and will most likely be the first boss in the game to give you a Great Rune. When you ultimately beat Godrick, you may find yourself unsure about where to proceed next in the game. Fortunately, the game’s open-world design allows you to go in any direction you like. So, here are some possibilities for continuing your voyage across the Lands Between. Here we’ll tell you what you need to do after beating Godrick in Elden Ring.

What should you do after beating Godrick in the Elden Ring?

Elden Ring How to Defeat Godrick the Grafted? - Pro Tips and More
Defeat Godrick The Grafted in Elden Ring | Source: Steam

After beating Godrick, there are a few options available to you.

  • Make your way to Raya Lucaria’s Academy from there. This is the next Legacy Dungeon you must complete.
  • Return to Roundtable Hold via the Site of Grace behind Godrick and chat with all of the NPCs.
  • Return to Limgrave and investigate the smaller dungeons, particularly if you’ve just been following the light. While you’re at it, collect all of the Map Fragments.
  • Upgrade your weapons to +5 or higher.
  • Level up to at least 30 or more
  • Kill the Tree Sentinel boss you probably bypassed in the first several hours.
  • Go to the Divine Tower of Limgrave and activate Godrick’s Great Rune.
  • Upgrade your Flasks to gain additional healing power.
  • Obtain the Flask of Wondrous Physick.
  • If you dare, venture into Castle Morne.
  • If you’ve only been following the main route, start exploring Liurnia of the Lakes, including various dungeons and caverns, reach level 25-30.

Where to go after beating Godrick in Elden Ring?

Now, you must wonder where you need to go after beating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring. No worries, we’ll help you with this too. We’ve provided some suggestions to assist you in deciding where to go next.

  • Go to the throne room after activating the Site of Grace.
  • Leave Stormveil Castle and enter Liurnia of the Lakes.
  • Make your way to Raya Lucaria’s Academy from there. This is the next Legacy Dungeon you must accomplish.
  • Use our instructions to find the Academy Glintstone Key if you’ve decided you’re strong enough to face Raya Lucaria’s Academy.
  • To level up and uncover some wonderful goods, we recommend exploring the vast region of Liurnia of the Lakes.
Where to go after beating Godrick in Elden Ring?
Raya Lucaria’s Academy

So there you have it, some ideas for what to do after beating Godrick the Grafted in Elden Ring, and where you should travel to continue the main plot, aiming for the next demi-god.

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