Wardell & Stewie2K Drama | Stewie2K Joining XSET Valorant Roster?

Anyone who follows Counter-Strike or Valorant Professional Scene knows who Stewie2K is. He is a CSGO Major Winner and has had a very successful career. But, things haven’t been looking very well for him which sparked rumors of Stewie2k Switching to Valorant, and particularly one team XSET kind of took the rumors forward.

Stewie2K’s issues with Evil Geniuses

Throwback to when Stewie joined Evil Geniuses

Stewie wasn’t performing very well in Team Liquid in the end part of his stay there. But, things became worse for him since he left Team Liquid to join Evil Geniuses in January 2022. Both Stewie2K and Evil Geniuses have fallen short of expectations in terms of performance and had a bad performance in the first half of the year.

Stewie’s Attitude Issues

If that wasn’t enough of a problem EG’s Former assistant coach Paolo “EVY” Berbudeau identified Stewie2K as the primary cause of EG’s recent underwhelming results in an interview with HLTV.org. In particular, he described how he had a negative attitude towards the coaching staff in general and Damien “maLeK” Marcel, the head coach of EG at the time.

“Stewie wouldn’t say hello to Damien when we walked into the room from the fifth or sixth day. When Damien spoke, he [Stewie] turned back to his pc, he wasn’t listening to him. Sometimes Stewie would listen to Damien and then turn around and not respond. One of the worst things I ever saw was [Stewie] denying tactical breaks.”

The criticism by EVY immediately surfaced on social media, sparking a controversy between the two parties. The 24-year-old EG player described the situation as “twisted” and “dramatic,” and also said that there are always two sides to a story and that he is being made out to be worse than he is. Stewie also did a 1.5-hour-long twitch Livestream to explain his side. In the stream, he acknowledged the criticism about his drop in performance or IGLing. Also, he didn’t deny any accusations as such regarding his attitude or behavior.

“It became a little bit of a problem, because of the impatience. I feel like maLeK wanted to adopt the G2 system into EG, and I wanted to bring pieces of Liquid into EG as well, and they are both good, I am sure we could put both pieces together. But at the same time this isn’t G2, nor is it Liquid. I don’t have EliGE, I don’t have NAF, we don’t have NiKo, we don’t have huNter-“

Along with all of this, many people pointed out that Stewie had been lately playing a lot of Valorant. This led to further rumors of him switching to Pro Valorant.

EG Benching Stewie

There are also reports that EG is now going to bench Stewie2k, which seems like the end of his CSGO pro career. Other things also suggested his move to Valorant but this one strengthened the rumors.

Wardell & Stewie2K Drama | Is Stewie2K switching to Valorant and Rumours of joining XSET

Wardell & Stewie2K Drama

Direct chats between Stewie and former TSM player Matthew “Wardell” Yu were leaked and according to those, Stewie may be exploring a move to pro-Valorant.

Their chats included Wardell telling Stewie to go for the streaming route and them further discussing the Pro Valorant scene and Valorant’s difficulty vs CSGO’s difficulty. Many players are very vocal about those particular messages. The difficulty debate has gone on since Valorant was released and is entirely a different topic.

Stewie2K hinted at a switch to Valorant late last year, claiming he will eventually shift. It’s likely the moment has now come, presuming he’s truly considering streaming Valorant or competitive play. 

The fuss about Stewie2K and XSET Valorant Roster

Today, a tweet from XSET’s official account was welcoming Stewie2K to the team for the Copenhagen Major. This tweet gained a lot of traction, many people reacted to that. However, it was a troll post and was deleted later. It seems like XSET’s social media manager has a different set of issues of his own. Stewie joked about this with a tweet.

Well, only time will tell if Stewie joins a Valorant team or not. We just hope that finds his rhythm back and deals with his issues regardless of what game he decides to go for.

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