Varun Batra- The 21st Agent | Finally an Indian Agent Leaked in Valorant?

Riot frequently drops hints about their new additions to the game. The newest leak is about an upcoming hint about a new agent, Varun Batra, the first Indian-origin agent soon to be released in Valorant. Obviously, us Valorant players in India are very happy about it and we will tell you more about the agent in this article.

Everyone praises Riot’s cultural inclusion system in Valorant. They have continuously introduced the characters with a proper plot background along with a cultural/regional background which gives them a certain personal touch for people playing the game.

Moreover, the Indian players always wanted an Indian agent to be added to the game and as the game also enjoys a decent player base here in India, this will be received very well.

I. Varun Batra: New Power Source coming in Valorant

Now coming to the actual leak. The latest PBE (Public Beta Environment) version 5.03 of the game became accessible on July 29, 2022. Then after a little while data miners posted a tempting screenshot of an email from Fade. 

Email is a very creative way of Valorant to give us sneak peeks into upcoming stuff while also expanding the lore to spice it all up.

The last time when we saw an email it was about Neon. She was also referred to as a new power source which might mean an agent.

Similar to the previous email, it appears that Varun Batra, a new agent with an Indian background, is the subject of this one.

1. More about the E-Mail and Varun Batra in Valorant

The E-Mail

In an email from Fade, Varun Batra, who is referred to as the “Legion’s new power source,” is mentioned. He might join the game as a new agent. From Omega Earth, the Legion is a public organization, and Fade has learned some things about its newest member. She also claimed that Varun had previously worked for REALM.

Fade referred to REALM as “an international task force retrieving historical artifacts from the black market trade” in the email. Members of REALM also come from other nations. In the end, she conveys her concerns about Legion hiring a specialist in antiquities in her email.

II. What powers will Varun Batra have in Valorant?

There have been speculations that Varun will have water-based abilities in the game. That’s because his name is similar to “Varuna” who is the God of Oceans in the Hindu Vedic Mythology, with the ability to control rain and water. This claim is further cemented because developers had also hinted at a water-based agent coming into the game.

As for his role, his abilities make him fit for either Sentinel or Controller. These also have the lowest number of agents so adding one to them would make proper sense.

III. Conclusion:

Indian fans will find it better and more enjoyable to connect with the game. Thanks to the inclusion of a brand-new agent who is linked to Indian Vedic mythology, which will also lead to an increase in the number of players in the region.

Other than that the non-Indian player base can also learn a bit about Indian mythology which is full of similar elements.

In the end, how Riot executes the character will still be a very critical factor, i.e the powers, design, and lore. 

IV. About Valorant:

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. It is a 5v5 esports game that combines the elements of classic shooter games and hero ability-type MOBA games. It was Beta released in April 2020 and officially launched in June 2020.

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