Valorant New Agent 19 Neon Release Date | When is the New Agent coming to Valorant?

The hype around the Valorant’s new agent is growing every moment. The Riot-owned FPS game lovers are thrilled to see leaks revolving around the Valorant’s new agent. Recently the codename of the new agent was revealed. The new agent 19 is codenamed “Neon” in Valorant. Check the article below to find out when you expect the Valorant new agent 19 Neon release date.

When is New Agent 19 Neon Going to Release in Valorant?

The very start of the new year awaited surprises for Valorant fanatics around the globe. An unintentional leak by Amazon Prime Gaming revealed the much-awaited first look of the Agent 19 codenamed Neon in Valorant. However, Amazon took down the poster later from their website. Knowing that the first look was already out, Riot Games took no time on making an official release of the first look themselves on their Twitter handle.

The new agent 19 codenamed Neon is expected to release in Valorant with the arrival of Episode 4 Act 1, on January 12, 2022. This gives us an insight as to when Episode 3 Act 3 is going to end in Valorant, i.e. on January 11, 2022. Therefore, if you’re planning to grind the game for your desired rank now is the high time.

It’s been quite some time now since talk has been going around Agent 19 in Valorant. Even the last addition to the Valorant roster, Chamber, hinted towards the upcoming new agent. It all dates back to the month of July 2021, when the talks around the new agent started brewing.

Earlier leaks suggested that the agent is codenamed, Sprinter. However, with time more leaks came through. Riot themselves revealed the name of their new agent. The name is barely visible in the key visual of Valorant Episode 4 Act 1.

Moreover, with time we will get to see more leaks regarding Neon. It’ll be exciting to see how the meta involves after the inclusion of Agent 19, Neon, in Valorant. Will Neon be able to give tough competition to other Duelists? Time will tell. Can’t wait to play Neon on its expected release date in Valorant? Make sure to stick around as we cover all about Neon. Until then, Happy Gaming!

About Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based FPS shooter title published by Riot Games for Windows, that has been constantly giving neck-to-neck competition to already well-established CS-GO. In October 2019, the game was first launched under the name Project A, and on April 7, 2020, it launched a private beta program with restricted access for players, followed by an official release on June 2, 2020.

It has been gaining huge popularity lately, many e-sports orgs have already set up their Valorant lineups and are looking forward to winning titles.

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