Valorant may Update the Price of Weapons in Episode 3

Valorant is supposedly all set to make some drastic changes to the game economy. We can soon get to see some major changes in the price of weapons in Valorant. The changes are expected to come in the upcoming Patch or with Episode 3. The price update of weapons in Valorant will also lead to a change, in the gunplay meta of the game.

The Price changes of Weapons in Valorant are as follows:

  • Frenzy : 500 >>> 450
  • Stinger : 1100 >>> 950
  • Bucky: 900 >>> 850
  • Judge: 1600 >>> 1850
  • Bulldog: 2100 >>> 2050
  • Guardian: 2400 >>> 2250
  • Marshall: 1000 >>> 950
  • Operator: 5000 >>> 4700
  • Ares: 1600 >>> 1550

How will the Price change of Weapons affect Valorant Gameplay?

Frenzy and Stinger Weapon Price Changes in Valorant

With the Price Updates, we can also expect a noticeable change of gunplay in the game. Frenzy is already pretty much dominant in the pistol round. With the price changes 500 >>> 450, we may get to see more of the gun. Valorant already nerfed the Stinger in the 2.03 Patch. Post nerf scenario of the gun was pretty obvious. Players no longer depend upon the Stinger and have shifted more towards the sheriff or spectre for an eco round. With the price changes 1100 >>> 950, we may get to see more Stinger’s in the match.

Spectre and Ares Weapon Price Updates in Valorant

Spectre can be ruthless especially with its running and shooting capabilities. However, Ares inflicts many more hit points in the long-range, but we still get to see more of the spectre. With the price update to 1600 >>> 1550 of Ares in Valorant, players may switch to Ares soon.

Judge and Bucky Weapon Price Changes in Valorant

Judge and Bucky are there in the game for punishing an enemy for their aggressive push. Bucky shines in certain scenarios and not in every situation. Also, the gun is much less dependable than the Judge and therefore less chosen. However, with the price update to 900 >>> 850 of Bucky in Valorant, we may get to see more of it.

On the other hand, a judge is very lethal in close ranges, and players around the world asked to nerf it. In response, Riot may buff the price of the gun. After the price changes 1600 >>> 1850 of Judge in Valorant, players will be forced to double think before buying Judge, as the gun would inflict a serious toll on their in-game economy.

Bulldog and Guardian Weapon Price Updates in Valorant

We may also get to see more of the Bulldog and Guardian in the game with the deducted prices of the gun. Guardian is also pretty destructive, only requiring precise aim for one to excel with the gun. Bulldog will suffer price changes of 2100 >>> 2050 in Valorant. Whereas, Guardian price will nerf to 2400 >>> 2250.

Marshal and Operator Weapon Price Changes in Valorant

We all remember how lethal can Sen Tenz be with a Marshal. With a price drop of 1000 >>> 950 of Marshal in Valorant, players will tend to choose the weapon more.

The biggest impact will be of the price update of Operator in Valorant. The Patch 1.09 Valorant buffed the Price of the gun from 4500 to 5000 creds. The move came in to suppress the excessive use of Operator in the game. However, with Riot nerfing the price of the gun again we may get to see more of the gun in play.

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