VALORANT GO! Volume 2 Bundles Ready for Purchase

The uproaring first-person shooter game Valorant is all set to release its Go Volume 2 bundle for purchase. Riot Games has been releasing wonderful weapon skins for Valorant and has kept a sturdy post-launch content support for the game. This time, the skins in Valorant Go Volume 2 are a sequel to the original Valorant Go Vol. 1. It is an iteration of anime-inspired cosmetics.

Valorant GO Vol. 2 Collection

The Valorant GO Volume 2 collection is all set to be purchased in the tac shooter’s store. It consists of anime-inspired cosmetics for Viper, Raze, Phoenix, Sova, and Yoru. It also incorporates skins for the Classic pistol, Ares, Vandal, Operator, and melee weapon.

Classic Pistol

The guns are adorned with an image of an agent with colors to match. Moreover, talking about Viper, its Classic Pistol has beautiful hues of green.


Ares for Raze is characterized by illuminating explosions. 


You can find loads of fire decals in Phoenix’s Vandal. 


The operator for Sova can be seen in colors of blue and silver.

Melee weapon

Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb can be seen in orange, blue, red, and white. It has a tiny print of his signature masked demon logo. I am sure that you won’t be able to part with it. 

Price details for Valorant GO Vol. 2 Collection

The price for Valorant GO Volume 2 bundle costs 8,855 VP. It also includes gun buddies, player cards, and sprays. For a cheaper price, you can buy the weapons individually.

The skin bundle in Valorant Go Volume 1 that was released by Riot games earlier this year paid homage to Sage, Cypher, Killjoy, Reyna, and Jett with a Ghost, Guardian, Spectre, Phantom, and kunai melee, respectively. We can expect to see more volumes shortly. We’ll keep you in the loop here as soon as we get more updates.

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