Valorant Error 19 | How to Fix The Val 19 Error Code?

Many players experience Valorant Error Code 19 frequently. The Riot Client malfunctions and Valorant won’t let you load up a game when this error (Code 19) occurs. Read this article to learn more about this error and how to fix it.

I. What is the Valorant VAL 19 Error?

This is a Riot Client-side error and is not your connection’s fault. This is a simple error and can be fixed easily.

Typically, the message “There was an error connecting to the platform. Please restart your game client.” also appears with the error when you open the game. This is a standard code informing users that a connection attempt to the Riot Client failed. The error codes 8-21 are included in this particular fault.

II. How to fix Valorant VAL 19 Error?

Valorant 19 Error

The Valorant VAL 19 Error can be fixed by restarting the Riot Client. But there are other methods that can be used to fix this error, so follow along.

1. Restarting the Riot Client

Restarting the Riot Client should be your first course of action when you see this problem. Not only would restarting that particular instance potentially fix any problems, but it will also proactively check for updates to see if you are missing any.

2. Closing all Riot Tasks in Task Manager

Simply open the Task Manager on your end and find the processes related to Valorant.

Valorant game client must be one of those itself, but there are others that serve specific purposes in your valorant session. 

Once you find those processes, click the “End task” button next to each Valorant process that you can see in the Task Manager. Repeat the action as many times as necessary to complete the process.

Then try opening Valorant, and if the issue still persists try other listed methods.

3. Restarting the Computer

Restart your PC

Sometimes Vanguard can have problems with connections or RAM usage and that can also contribute to this error. So just restarting the PC can solve this error.

You can also do a Clean Boot by disabling all startup processes in the task manager and then restarting the computer. You will also have to disable all the startup services (except windows processes) in the System configuration. 

But just simply restarting the PC should fix many of the errors so going to the extremes to do a clean boot might not be needed at all.

4. Checking the Valorant Server status

Riot Games Service Status

Valorant servers often go on maintenance periods or just simply server outages during which you can’t connect to the game or even if you do you can’t obviously play it.

That can also show the Valorant VAL 19 error. So before taking the big uninstalling-reinstalling steps just go and check on Twitter, discord, or certain websites which tell the server status.

5. Updating the Client and Valorant

If restarting didn’t update the client and Valorant then you can do it by yourself.

There could be some issue in the client or the game that could’ve been fixed with a patch, so updating it will surely eliminate this error.

6. Reinstalling the Client and Valorant

Riot Client is famous for its connectivity issues. It almost always has that “0 KB/s” issue when updating or downloading Valorant. That issue can surely cause a problem for you in updating the game and client. 

Therefore doing a clean sweep and getting a fresh start is the ultimate way to get rid of this error or any error for that matter, unless it’s a bigger server-side error.

III. Conclusion on fixes for Valorant VAL 19 Error:

This error should most likely be fixed with a simple restart of Valorant and Riot Client. But if the issue still bugs you after that you can do all the other methods. We hope that this article helped you.

IV. About Valorant:

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. It is a 5v5 esports game that combines the elements of classic shooter games and hero ability-type MOBA games. It was Beta released in April 2020 and officially launched in June 2020.

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