US FTC Meeting Will Scrutinize Apple, Facebook, More Big Tech’s Small Deals

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will hold its next open meeting on September 15 to hear staff findings on deals that Big Tech firms like Facebook and Apple make which are sometimes too small to spark antitrust scrutiny.

The Agency on Wednesday

In June, Chair Lina Khan took a vow after that the agency started hosting public meetings. Next week, the five commissioners will decide whether to keep limits under the Trump administration regarding deals that combine a company with one of its suppliers.

The staff report will cover Big Tech acquisitions from 2010 through 2019. However, some of them were not notified to antitrust regulators due to their insignificant size.

US FTC Meeting Will Scrutinize Apple, Facebook, More Big Tech's Small Deals

Amazon and Google are also under antitrust scrutiny for more than two years. The Federal Trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Facebook, while the Justice Department has sued Google. And others remain under investigation.

The agency issued information demands to five major IT companies, including Microsoft, in February 2020. They claimed that they were looking into whether any of the smaller deals had impacted the competition.

The commission’s three Democrats and two Republicans will also decide whether to establish a policy statement on health app privacy breaches and a framework for receiving public input on proposed restrictions.

However, US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) meeting is scheduled for 15th September.

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