Resident Evil Village: How to kill Urias?

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Remember the giant with mighty strength and a big hammer you confronted at the beginning of the game? If you may recall he was very difficult to take down, therefore, you had to escape him. Well, if you somehow did manage to win him over, sad news for you, He’s back! 

Yes, you heard it right, Urias is back and he’s furious. You step into his stronghold, killing all his fellow Lycans’? Rude! Well, don’t you worry because here’s how you can kill Urias one last time!

1. The Scene

After killing Salvatore Moreau, Ethan (You) progress further into the game and paves his way through to the stronghold.

There in the Stronghold, Ethan is confronted with a Lycan Army. They will come in horde towards you to end your life. Planning to use land mines? Well, this might be the best time!

Horde of Lycans' at stronghold attacks Ethan
Horde of Lycans’ at stronghold attacks Ethan

Use landmines and pipe bombs effectively wherever possible. They will help you inflict a large chunk of damage to the swarms of Lycan chasing you.

Moreover, close combat is inevitable, therefore, use shotgun wherever required. You have to keep running as they’ll not stop and keep coming after you.

After you manage to outrun the Lycan’s horde, you’ll see them feasting through a narrow passage. Passing through which you’ll come into a small cave. This is where you’ll confront Urias, get ready for the battle!

2. How to kill Urias?

Do not underestimate Urias, the Lycans’ Boss. He’s tanky and he will inflict much more damage than any of the Lycan you have encountered till now.

He will leap on you from the ledge above, run before he does so and counter shoot him with an explosive round to knock him back. Use shotgun whenever he draws closer to you.

Urias leap on you from the ledge above
Urias leap on you from the ledge above

Whenever he comes charging his hammer towards you, try to take cover behind the pillar. Seek the opportunity to shoot him while he withdraws his hammer back.

Feeling too safe behind the pillar? Wait until he pulls it off and throws it at you. Hide behind another pillar when he does so to avoid losing your healthpoints.

Urias lifts up the pillar
Urias lifts up the pillar

After, inflicting a certain amount of damage, Urias will shift back to his ledge and roar for backup. Many Lycans’ will drop from above and will join the fight. Take them down using mines and pipe bombs and let loose all your ammunition.

Moreover, you can refill your ammo, first aid med, and pipe bombs from the small alcoves on the side. Don’t get cornered, keep moving, use the rocky outcroppings for cover once Urias uproots all the pillars.

how to kill urias
Urias roars and calls for backup

If you have magnum rounds in your arsenal, they’ll prove to be very important as they deal a ton of damage. Try to land some magnum shots onto the head of Urias and he’ll be soon done for!

Once dead, Urias will leave behind Crystal Hammer for you to trade into some serious cash.

3. Conclusion

Urias is seemingly easy to kill. He’s pretty tanky but can be easily taken down with smart play and efficient use of his environment and armory. Take your time, play safe, make good use of your firepower, attack when he’s vulnerable and you’ll soon see Urias calcify.

3. About Resident Evil Village

The latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom launched Resident Evil Village on 8 May 2021. A survival horror game powered by RE Engine sets the scene after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The story revolves around the protagonist Ethan who goes against all evil odds to get back his kidnapped daughter. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

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