Google Coding Competition for 2022

There is exciting news for coders and for those who are new to coding. Every year, Google conducts various competitions for developers, which provide an amazing opportunity for an individual to learn and get recognized. So, the good news is that Google is back with the Google coding competition 2022. 

Whether you are new to coding and want to develop your skills, a seasoned programmer looking for your next challenge, or you just really like pancakes (more on that later), we hope you’ll participate in the exciting season. Google offers three coding competitions, which are kick start, hash code, and code jam. Each competition is unique, with different ways to participate and different types of challenges. Google engineers develop all the problems. Many of those were former participants themselves. So let’s learn a little more about each competition before competing. 

1. Kick Start

Kickstart is for those who are newer to coding competitions and are looking to practice and improve their skills. There are eight opportunities throughout the year to try your hand at these fun algorithmic puzzles, and the best part of this Google competition is that there are no eliminations. 

Each round is three-hours long and open to all participants, and you don’t need to have any pre-qualifications, so you can try your hand at one or give them all a shot. The Google may invite the top competitors for an interview! So you can jump-in at any point in the season and participate in as many rounds as you like to.

Registrations for Kick Start 2022 will start from Feb 1, 2022. You can apply from here.

2. Hash Code

Hash Code is a team-based competition organized by Google for students and professionals around the world. You’ll form a team of 2–4 people and work together to solve an optimization problem. There is complete flexibility to choose any of the programming languages and tools of your choice. The qualification round will livestream over the YouTube and each team have 4 hours to solve the problem. This year’s contest kicks off with a qualification round, where your team can compete virtually from wherever you’d like, alongside your virtual hub. 

Top teams will then be invited to compete in the virtual World Finals, where they’ll work together to solve another challenge and compete for cash prizes. You won’t want to miss the excitement of hash code, there are nearly 100,000 programmers competing simultaneously around the world.

Registrations are open for Hash Code 2022. You can apply from here.

3. Code Jam

Code Jam is Google’s longest-running global coding competition, where programmers of all levels put their skills to the test. Competitors work their way through a series of 4 online-hosted rounds of math and algorithmic puzzles to earn a spot at the World Finals, all for a chance to win the championship title and $15,000 USD. Each round brings new challenges, and in these problems you’ll sometimes notice recurring characters or themes like pancakes from season to season. I think Google engineers really love pancakes. Join a community of more than 400,000 developers around the world to approach and solve problems in creative ways.

Registrations for Code Jam 2022 will start from Mar 2, 2022. You can apply from here.

Grow your programming skills and, most importantly, have fun. Register for Google coding competition 2022 today.

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