Top Unique Smart Gadgets in the World

We live in a century where people have a smart solution to solve their problems. We need some unique smart gadgets that make our life more convenient. These gadgets helping us in our daily life and stay with us as our companions.

Today, the Widgetcore team brings to you a list of some unique smart gadgets which you didn’t know about making your life much easier and efficient.

1. Mokacam

  • First action camera with a touch screen that flips 180 degrees.
  • The 14nm Quad-Core ISP delivers insanely smooth video up to 4K@60FPS.
  • The Sony IMX577 creates stunning image quality in any light.
Unique Smart Gadgets in the World
Mokacam | Source: Official Website

2. Dashbon Mask

  • It is a ground-breaking mobile wearable system that combines a pair of spectacular virtual projection near-eye displays with high-fidelity headphones into a single compact and lightweight wearable style.
Unique Smart Gadgets in the World
Dashbon Mask | Source: Official Website
  • The optical system of the Dashbon Mask was designed to accommodate diopter correction ranging from +2 farsighted to -6 nearsighted vision, as well as an interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment range of 54 to 76 mm.
  • Dashbon Mask helps you listen to music in crystal-clear clarity and watch movies and TV shows from your mobile on a big screen with an immersive viewing and listening experience simply by attaching an HDMI cable to the headphones.

3. PowerWatch Series 2

  • The world’s first body heat-powered smartwatch is packed with the features you need to explore your world.
  • Solar energy as a backup power source
  • It has a rugged build, is waterproof up to 200 metres (656 feet), and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
PowerWatch 2

4. Moov Now

  • The most comfortable leather band.
  • The 9-axis Omni Motion sensor from Moov records and analyses your motion in 3D.
  • Continuously checking your form when reaching your limits will reduce the risk of injury, and Moov’s variety will prevent you from plateauing.
Unique Smart Gadgets in the World
Moov Now | Source: Moov

5. Lynq

  • When nothing else works, the only tracker makes it extremely easy to find anyone in your party at the touch of a button.
  • Forget about manipulating complex maps and placing pins. Every group member’s distance and direction are shown in real-time.
  • Lynq will accompany you everywhere you go, regardless of the terrain.
Unique Smart Gadgets in the World
Lynq | Source: Lynqme

6. Swiftpoint GT

  • ProPoint has a wireless receiver and Bluetooth support so that ProPoint can use it on your computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, or even your phone.
  • Use the virtual laser pointer of Swiftpoint to navigate your slides and guide your audience through your presentation; you can also draw on the screen to emphasise key points.
  • The ProPoint’s size, compactness, lightweight (just 24gms, or 25% less than a traditional mouse), and battery features (1 hour of use from a 60-second RapidchargeTM; up to 2 weeks from a complete 2-hour charge) all combine to make it the ideal travel companion.
Unique Smart Gadgets in the World
Swiftpoint GT | Source: Swiftpoint

7. Vitastiq 2

  • Vitastiq 2 is a vitamin and mineral tracker designed solely for individual use (self-use) – only one user can take their readings.
Vistastiq 2
  • The Vitastiq 2 has improved mobile and tablet connectivity.
  • This system is simple to use, efficient and allows for even greater precision. It’s made of titanium, which is a more robust and lighter metal.

8. ICE Orb

  • The ICE Orb Levitating Speaker is a stunning Bluetooth speaker that defies and questions traditional music listening methods.
  • It is more than just a fashion statement, with a levitating Orb and a Base that doubles as a charging dock.
  • The ICE Orb features an innovative next-generation Dynamic Stabilization system that uses four blue indicators to show the floating orb’s stability.
Ice Orb

9. NOZzER Watch

  • The NOZzER Watch is built to keep you awake even when you’re tired.
  • This system activates the nerves in your hand with electrical impulses of varying intensity that you can feel on a tactile level.
  • NOZzER operates in complete silence and remains hidden.
Smart Gadgets in the World
NoZzer Watch | Source: NoZzer

10. Delux Designer

  • Reduce the workload by combining several command sequences into a single keycap.
  • The multi-functional dial gives you complete and precise control.
  • Allow Delux to help you take your designs to the next level. It’s compatible with Wacom and other graphic tablets.
Smart Gadgets in the World
Delux Designer | Source: Delux World

We hope that you like these unique smart gadgets and if you have any query so please let us know by commenting below.

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