Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is an action role-playing survival game. It is set up in a post-apocalyptic world filled with boundless life and undead life. In Dying Light 2, many survivors in the city are infected and run the risk of turning into a monster if they don’t stave off the infection. While traversing through the streets and buildings of the city, players will have to encounter various types of zombies. Some of them aren’t so threatening, while the others will hunt you down. Let us know- what are different types of Zombies in Dying Light 2 –

What are the different types of Zombies in Dying Light 2?

Zombies are infected people who have turned into Monsters. There are totally fifteen (15) types of zombies which are further classified into two (2) types: Common Zombies and Uncommon Zombies.

1. Common Zombies

I. Biters

These are the most common form of Infected in Dying Light 2. You will most often see them hanging out in small groups of three or four. These infected moves fairly slowly, and are easy to take down with just a few hits or a dropkick. Jaws, hands, and Melee weapons are the weapons of Biters. These four archetypes of Biters:

  • The first archetype being the slowest and weakest are Biters with grey skin. They deal the least damage. As you level goes up, they spawn more uncommonly and after a point, they stop spawning
  • The second archetype are bit faster than the first one. Hands are the most common weapon of this archetype of Biters. They can spawn as either a Toxic Biter or a Burning Biter
  • The third archetype are a bit tougher and deal more damage, they will sometimes also spawn as ‘Elemental’ Biter and occasionally carry melee weapons as well
  • The fourth archetype are very burley and much stronger. They are male Biters wearing industrial uniforms and often carry melee weapons. These can also spawn as ‘Elemental’ Biters

II. Degenerate

They are the second most common zombies. These are Biters which are exposed to sunlight for a longer time. Degenerates are very weak; the more sunlight they receive, the weaker they will become. They aren’t really dangerous threats but still have to be vigilant because they often come in a horde. Jaws and Hands are the weapons of Degenerates

Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2
Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2 | Source: Steam

III. Viral

Zombies that were just recently infected. Their moments are more like humans. These will often sprint and climb to catch you. These spawn mostly during the night

IV. Hazmat

The Gas Tank in Dying Light 1 has returned in Dying Light 2 under the new name Hazmat. They are besuited Biters, within a durable hazmat outfit. The most significant feature is the bright red oxygen tanks on their back. These tanks explode violently causing infection to anything within a small radius

V. Drowners

These are zombies that are mutated underwater for decades. Their behaviors are akin to Virals and Bombers, as they run aggressively and use their hands like Virals and explode their organs to cause damage like Bombers. You will find them only in the Sunken City

Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2
Dying Light 2 Zombies

2. Uncommon Zombies

I. Goon

These are big zombies which you will often see guarding rare loot. Though they move fairly slow but hit extremely hard. Often, their attacks are strong enough to knock you out with one hit. It’s better to avoid these big zombies rather than picking up a fight and wasting your medkits

II. Demolisher

These are notably the first boss to fight in the game. Large chunks of cement, heavy objects, charges, and arms are the weapons. These are the largest infected type players have to encounter. Though they are very big, their intelligence is equivalent to that of Biters

III. Bombers

Their attack mechanism is to explode organs and infect anything within a radius. These picks up speed and begins the convulse whenever non-infected humans are within proximity

IV. Volatiles

These are zombies that emerge only at night. The safest option is to run to the nearest Safe Zone rather than fighting against a volatile. They are capable of taking several hits from high-powered weapons and can quickly cause a significant amount of damage. There is an extreme threat and they also move extremely fast

V. Revenant

He is unwieldy and slow and moves hesitantly. These special mutations can buff surrounding monsters by creating a zone of toxic mist

Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2
Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2

VI. Howler

Viral whose transformation into a Volatile was derailed by a sudden dose of chemical turn into Howler. These are slow but dangerous. They won’t attack outright. But if one of them spots a human, the toxic substance in their chest will begin to boil, forcing them to emit an unearthly scream. That unearthly scream will call all the nearby monsters and make them attack the player

VII. Banshee

Hands transformed into claws, manicured nails – into talons.  It is faster than other zombies and claws are its weapons

VIII. Charger

These have hard rock-like growths over its body. They attack you by running into you with these hard growths, which results in knocking you down. While charging, they can’t turn in any direction

IX. Spitter

They have the ability to fire yellow acidic phlegm that deals damage to the player. If you use a ranged attack, it is very easy to deal with a spitter

Types of Zombies in Dying Light 2
Zombies in Dying Light 2

X. Bolter

These don’t attack the player. They rather fly when a player is near it. They have some ability to manipulate other zombies. This is because when alerted or killed nearby Volatiles come into a chase and start attacking you

These are all the Zombies in Dying Light 2. Pull your weapons out and kill as many zombies as possible on your way to victory.

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