Twitter Launches Hexagonal Form of Verified NFT Profile Picture

Like other tech giants Twitter is also hurrying to cash on crypto trends like NFTs(non-fungible token), which is a non-interchangeable unit of data which stored in the blockchain. Twitter Inc released a service on Thursday that allows users to set their own NFT as their profile picture.

This function is only available to the users who have purchased the company’s premium blue membership and are using iOS applications in the United States, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. However the new avatars will be visible to Twitter users on any platform. 

In order to set NFT as a profile picture, users need to connect their accounts to their crypto wallets where they hold the NFTs. The verified hexagonal cutout was adopted by Twitter to distinguish the NFT profile photo from other regular circles accessible to other users. The details about the art and who owns it are prompt by tapping on the hexagonal cutout.

Some people were ecstatic with the change, while others, like Elon Musk, found it ‘annoying’. The SpaceX and Tesla CEO slammed the integration, saying it was “annoying” and that Twitter was squandering technical resources on it rather than focusing on reducing spam on the network.

As soon as the update launched a tweet of researcher Jane Manchun Wong widely circulated over the internet in which he highlighted one of those links, which demonstrated how an outcry at venture-backed NFT marketplace OpenSea momentarily prevented NFTs from loading on Twitter.

How to Set NFT as a Profile Picture

Let’s look at the processes if you’re a blue member and want to use an NFT as your profile image.

  1. On iOS, users must use Twitter to set the image.
  2. Users must now connect their Twitter accounts to their crypto wallets, where they store their NFTs, for a limited time. Once the user completes the verification process, Twitter will issue a verification request to the address, asking users to finish the signing process using their Twitter handle.
  3. After completing the sign-in process, the user will be able to choose the NFT as their profile image.

Note: Users should be very careful while performing these steps as many take this as an opportunity to scam with the individuals. Signing requests should only come from the domain.

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