Top 5 Best VPN of 2021

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a protected link between you and the internet. All of your data traffic is routed via an encrypted virtual tunnel through the VPN, and it also secures against external attacks. With so many to choose from we’ve shortlisted Top 5 Best best VPN of 2021 for you.

When looking for the best VPN service, each provider’s various plans and services may have left you perplexed when attempting to determine the best value choice.

To get a good VPN, you don’t have to go broke every month or pay a hefty upfront payment. We’re just looking at short-term plans for this list, so you can cancel at any time or put down the smallest amount of money upfront as you search for the best cheap VPN for your needs.

Starting from the last we’ve ranked Top 5 Best best VPN of 2021 as follows:

5. IPVanish VPN

It grabs the 5th position of our best VPN of 2021 list. Most VPN providers don’t offer a discount on month-to-month plans, but IPVanish is an exception, providing a 50% discount on both one-month and one-year plans. The service has 1,400 servers in 75 different locations, can access up to 10 devices at once, and has 40,000 shared IP addresses.

Cheap monthly VPN plans for 2021
IPVanish | Source: Amazon

We discovered that its servers were almost always available and that download speeds were consistent. Still, we did notice that some server locations did not fit what was stated, which could trigger some hiccups when trying to access region-restricted content.

It has applications for Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Roku, Fire TV, and more. The apps are bare-bones and not particularly enticing, but they are perfectly functional and allow you to interact and return to whatever you were doing before efficiently.

4. PureVPN

Cheap monthly VPN plans for 2021
PureVPN | Source: Official Website

Coming 4th on the list of our best VPN of 2021 list is Pure VPN. It is one of the best VPN providers to consider if you’re primarily looking for a VPN for streaming. Although the monthly plan costs $10.95, you can try it out for only $0.99 for a week. It has over 6,500 server locations spread across 140 different locations.

PureVPN provides 24/7 customer service 365 days a year and outperforms the competition by including a 31-day money-back guarantee rather than just 30 days. It is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android TV, Roku, Kodi, Xbox, PlayStation, and several others, and it only works on five devices at once.

3. ProtonVPN

The top 3rd position of our best VPN of 2021 list is grabbed none other than ProtonVPN. The service is designed to prevent eavesdropping on your link by routing it through fully encrypted tunnels. If you’re looking to set up a VPN for privacy and protection, then ProtonVPN is your right choice.

What are the Best cheap monthly VPN plans for 2021?
ProtonVPN | Source: Official Wesbite

Since the organisation is headquartered in Switzerland, it provides extra legal rights. ProtonVPN also has strict no-logging policies, DNS leak security, a kill-switch, and can be used as an always-on VPN that automatically reconnects to a server if the link is lost.

The most basic paid plan costs just $5 a month, which is less than half the other providers’ price. You can always try out ProtonVPN for free before you commit to the paid service.

2. Windscribe

Windscribe also has one of the most affordable monthly VPN plans when it comes to free VPNs. It’s a few dollars cheaper than most other subscription contracts, at just $9 per month. Windscribe offers Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux and browser plugins for all major browsers.

Best cheap monthly VPN plans
Windscribe | Source: Google

It also eliminates the limitations of the free offering, such as switching from a restricted data and connected device cap to available connections and bandwidth, which can frustrate all but the most casual users. 

Windscribe speeds can be slow (due to the low overall server count), and there is no 24/7 service, so you may have to wait a while for any problems to be fixed. Thus securing 2nd position of our best VPN of 2021 list.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN blends the best of virtually all worlds and features for VPNs, but it isn’t the most economical choice. For almost the same price as a cup of coffee per week, you can use the service on a no-commitment basis for just $12.95 a month.

Best cheap monthly VPN plans
ExpressVPN | Source: Official Website

It’s one of the most dependable options we’ve tried, with the quickest and most stable speeds. ExpressVPN provides customer service 24 x 7, meaning you can get help quickly if you have any problems.  

Though the prices are higher than some of the competition, there is a 20-day money-back guarantee so that you can check it out without risk, .It sure does deserve to be on top of our best VPN of 2021 list.

What Do I Look For In a Low-cost VPN Subscription?

In terms of prioritisation, a low monthly price charged monthly is at the top of the list, but power, privacy, and ease of use should not be sacrificed in the process. The majority of the better VPN providers have monthly payment plans, and the pricing is identical.

We choose IPVanish as the best cheap VPN monthly plan since it is currently offering a 50% discount on its 1-month plan, allowing you to check out its full-featured VPN service without wasting a lot of money or committing for a year or more.

Despite being on the higher end of the price spectrum, our top overall VPN provider, ExpressVPN, makes this list. It doesn’t cost a lot to get set up with the best VPN on the market on a no-commitment basis, except at its maximum $12.95 month-to-month price.

I would like to suggest ExpressVPN because of its remarkable features and affordable price, and I hope you like the article and if you want to discuss something so, let us know under the comment section.

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