Top 15 Tips to Get Fast High Rank Up in Pubg Mobile

Having stuck on a rank sure does feel bad, be it any game. Everyone aims to rank up higher in a game, and Pubg Mobile is no exception. Therefore, Today we’re going to show you Top 15 ways you can get a fast high rank up in Pubg Mobile.

I. 15 Best Tips for You to Reach High Rank in Pubg Mobile Quickly

When it comes to rank up in games like Pubg Mobile, you need to focus on your fundamentals. Battle Royale games like Pubg Mobile demands skills, information on enemy positions, and proper use of utilities from a player to excel in the game. Here are the Top 15 tips you can follow to get a fast high rank up in Pubg Mobile.

1. Proper Internet Connection and Device

First and foremost, you got to have a good device and a stable Internet Connection before thinking of ranking up high in Pubg Mobile. You cannot rank up faster playing in a low-performance device. You need smooth gameplay to get better in Pubg Mobile. Therefore a high-end smartphone is required for you to play Pubg Mobile.

Also, you need a good internet connection for Pubg Mobile. The game is played online requires you to have a constant high-speed internet connection. Get a high-speed internet connection before playing the game unless you want to lag out and die eventually.

2. The Pubg Mobile Strategy that Suits your Playstyle.

In a Battle Royale like Pubg Mobile, you need a proper strategy to win the game. Your strategy should totally be dependent on your playstyle. If you think you are comfortable playing aggressively keep an attacking strategy. Whereas, if you think you are good at playing rather passive keep a defensive strategy.

You can try different strategies in different situations and keep the ones that are more lucrative. Strategies are something that will take time to build up. They will also generally vary from map to map. You need to have different strategies for every map due to different buildings and physical locations on every map.

Whatever strategy you choose you should try to remain the last one standing. Some people after winning a few matches get overconfident and then lands in a high loot area where most of the enemy squads land and then eventually dies. Therefore, it is always advised to land safe and only to do hot drops only when you’re well experienced and with a good strategy.

3. Right Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile

Choose Proper Aim Sensitivity for you In Pubg Mobile

Aim still remains the most important aspect of the game mechanics that you need to master. Therefore, you need to properly calibrate your in-game aim sensitivity settings. The game gives you the freedom to set different sensitivity settings for different scopes and modes be it TPP and FPP.

Choose the sensitivity that suits you best. Many players tend to copy pro player’s sensitivity settings. However, this is not the right thing to do in most scenarios. As aim sensitivity settings vary from person to person and are a personal choice. Although, you can get an idea by seeing pro player’s sensitivity as to between what range your sensitivity settings should lie.

4. Choose Right Landing Spots

Choose the Right Landing Spot

When finally in a game, you need to land as fast as you can. You don’t want to get late into the battleground and face enemies full geared up, Right?. Therefore, practice your timings and try to land as fast as possible into the battle.

However, the decision of where to land still remains primarily the most important thing. You might want to hot drop and land in a high loot area along with many players and get into early game fights.

Or you might like to play passive and rather drop into a safe location, gather guns, ammo, and utilities, and get prepared for the battle. Again, it all depends on your playstyle. Choose what style suits your team the best.

5. Kill to Win

Kill to win In Pubg Mobile

In order to win, your team needs to emerge as the last one standing. Therefore, you need to eliminate everyone standing in your way to getting that chicken dinner. In order to kill your enemy quickly, you need to improve your gun skills and sensitivity settings.

Kill the enemy team by using various techniques such as jiggling or whatever you might be comfortable with. The use of such techniques puts you at an advantage over your enemies and thus increases your chances of winning.

6. Survival

How possibly can you think of reaching a high rank in Pubg Mobile if you’re among the first ones to die? Right your survival skills should be in work here and get you the chicken dinner.

You need to avoid as many risky situations in the game and always try to be in cover. Shooting from cover gives you an upper hand in the battle over an enemy who’s shooting at you from open. However, if tides are against you, the chances of you getting revived by your teammates in a covered position are much higher.

7. Teamwork Matters

When we talk about Pubg Mobile it is mostly about the team games. Although, there is a solo mode available for you to play, but what’s fun is to play without friends. When you play with your friends in a team be sure to recognize every individual team member’s skill and put them in a position where they might be most fruitful.

It is your team plays that matter inside the map. You have to rely on your team for support and to give you cover when you are in a compromisable position. It is also your teammates that are responsible for reviving you once you are down.

However, skilled you might be as an individual, but in a 1v4, 1v3, or in a 1v2 situation you still have the disadvantage. Without proper teamwork, you cannot trade off your kill, so there’s a lot in line. As a whole, teamwork is very important and it is this teamwork and plays that will get you most of the chicken dinner.

8. Communication is the key

Playing Pubg Mobile without turning on your microphone and in-game comms? You’re not only making your rank up in Pubg Mobile a lot tougher but also sabotaging your own teammates. It will be very true to say in a game like Pubg Mobile communication is the key to win.

In between communication with a team is very important. During a fight by communicating, you can give your teammate who’s in a better position, the location of the enemy and he can get the kill for you. The same can happen vice-versa where your teammates can give you the intel and you can get the kill.

9. Right usage of Utilities

Right Usage of Utilities can be a game-changer

Fancy those grenade kills? Right usage of utilities will give you an advantage in reaching a high rank in Pubg Mobile quickly. There’s a lot of scenarios where these utilities might prove to be life-saving for you.

Having utilities like a smoke grenade, grenade, and health items are a must. A strategic grenade can even wipe out a complete squad in one go. Whereas, a well-thrown smoke grenade will help block the vision of your enemy and protect you while moving towards a covered area.

Moreover, the importance of health items like energy drinks, painkillers, and other health items are well known. Whenever you get inflicted by enemy bullets these are your go-to cure. Therefore, the right usage of utilities can have a drastic impact on you winning or losing the game.

10. Scouting in Pubg Mobile

Having information about your enemies within the game is sure a deciding factor for you to win the game. The more chicken dinner you get higher the rank you’ll be placed at. When in a match you should have proper intel on your enemy positions and their movements.

Therefore, it is recommended you, scout, inside your match properly. Having a large scope really helps as it increases your viewing distance exponentially. After scouting, you can then relay the information to your teammates and then come up along with a plan to defeat them or rather catch them by surprise after a well-timed flank.

11. Pay Attention to Sounds

Thanks to the game’s accurate sounds, it becomes quite easy for one to get the information of nearby enemies. All you have to do is wear a good quality audio device in which you’ll be able to hear even the slightest of sound accurately.

You need to pay attention to sounds like the enemy footsteps, enemy passing nearby your territory in a vehicle, or any enemy throwing throwables towards you. Even in a close-range battle, an efficient audio device will help you hear if an enemy is pushing you from what side and how close he’s come to you. Having a good catch on these sounds will surely increase your chances of winning and therefore, an easy rank up.

12. Positioning

Positioning in Pubg Mobile
Some positions put you in an advantage over enemies in Pubg Mobile

There are quite a number of maps for you to play in Pubg Mobile. No matter whichever map you decide to play your positioning is a key factor on which you need to pay attention if you want to win. Every map in Pubg is quite large and therefore your positioning is very important.

Especially in a battle royale, where the zone cuts out every now and then, and towards the end, you only have a limited area to play into. Therefore, look out for the zone and try to be inside the zone, to avoid unnecessary damage.

13. Map Knowledge Of Pubg Mobile

Map Knowledge high rank pubg mobile
Map Knowledge is very crucial in Pubg Mobile

Considering the number of maps Pubg Mobile you need to have a thorough knowledge of each of them. You should be well aware of every type of building available in the game. Along with the angles that most players like to play in.

This type of information will put you up to an advantage over enemies and you’ll be able to outplay them smartly. You should also be aware of the movement patterns and at what locations to expect enemies. Once caught in a compromisable position you should be able to move into a safe position with the help of utilities if you have good map knowledge.

14. Take adequate amount of Rest

Ever spent hours on the game grinding and losing every single map. Well, that not might be your day. We all have bad days, and that’s completely normal. Go outdoors or hang out with friends and chill yourself. Go take a break and come back again when you’re feeling it and then you’re good to go.

Also, like all things, your body needs rest, and be sure to give it the same. Too much playing can seriously harm your health and in turn your rank in the game. Therefore, you need to take an adequate amount of rest and recharge up for your next chicken dinner.

15. Practice

Like all things, to get better at Pubg Mobile and to get fast high rank up you need to practice the game a lot. The more you practice the more you’ll be aware of the in-game mechanics, movements, sounds, strategies, and more.

You can practice and learn from each game, by looking at the way how you got defeated in the previous match. You can go into training or into deathmatch to practice gunplay. Deathmatch is a great and quick way to get used to the gun’s mechanics.

Choose any gun you want to practice and hop into the deathmatch and keep that gun into your loadout. You’re good to go and with repetitive deathmatches, you’ll get accustomed to the gun’s recoil pattern, spray pattern and reload time.

However, to practice strategies and to improve your game sense the only option you’re left with is grinding classic matches. They are a great way of improving your game understandings as a whole and to improve your performance and eventually helps you in getting a higher rank in Pubg Mobile.

II. About Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royale game created independently by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Games, officially licensed by PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. In the game, up to one hundred players jump onto an island and search for arms and supplies to kill opponents. The last person or team standing wins the game. The game offers various maps and modes. You can also opt to play solo, duos, or squad in the game.

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