Tigris Skin Bundle in Valorant: Melee, Price, Release Date, Lunar Night Market & Event Pass

In all Battle Pass Games, Introducing a new theme or an event at regular intervals is a must to give its players a sense of freshness. Recently, the same way Valorant is coming up with an event titled named ‘LUNAR CELEBRATION EVENT’. As a part of this event, you can unlock the ‘Tigris Skin Bundle’ with the Lunar Celebration Event Pass in Valorant.

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Tigris Skin Bundle in Valorant:

According to Chinese Culture, the year 2022 is called ‘the year of tiger, and so the latest Skin Bundle is inspired by it. The Bundle consists of five (5) weapon skins and one new melee skin. The even is introducing five brand new skins for Phantom, Shorty, Spectre, Operator.

Price of Tigris Skin Bundle in Valorant:

You can purchase the Entire Bundle for 7100 VP (Valorant Points). An Individual Gun’s skin is for 1775 VP (Valorant Points) each. You can purchase the new melee skin for 3550 VP (Valorant Points).

Release Date of the Tigris Skin Bundle in Valorant:

Though the Lunar New Year Celebrations starts today i.e.; on 1st February. But, the Tigris Skin Bundle in Valorant will be available to us from tomorrow i.e.; 2nd February at around 2 PM PST.

How to get the Free Lunar New Year Celebration Event Pass Items in Valorant:

Using the pass, the players can even unlock free Cosmetics including a gun buddy, tiger spray, and a player card with Sage, Jett, and Neon. These three items are free, although you have to unlock them through the event pass.

However, Riot hasn’t made any official note on how to unlock these items. It is speculated that just like other events, you can get the free lunar new year celebration event pass items by earning XP in Valorant.

Furthermore, the Night Market is returning in Valorant. In view of the Lunar New Year celebrations, the night market is all set up to be based in Lunar New Year theme.


Officially, Riot Games have not revealed how to unlock the items yet, but they will more likely be similar to previous event passes. The event pass will most likely include a few tiers players will need to complete to earn XP from games and use this XP to enjoy the free items from the Lunar New Year Celebration Event Pass. Nevertheless, Riot Games will be releasing the complete details of the ‘LUNAR CELEBRATION EVENT PASS’ very soon. Get the Pass, unlock the brand new, super stylish ‘Tigris Skin Bundle’ and even enjoy the free items. Happy Gaming & Happy Lunar New Year to all of you.

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