Thiva Character Ability Is He Helpful For Rush Gameplay?

With every update Garena will bring brand new characters for their players with exclusive character abilities which excite the players on a whole different level. Character ability plays an important role in Free Fire. Garena added brand new characters Thiva and Dimitri in a recent update. Let’s discuss the Thiva character ability and is he helpful for rush gameplay?

1. Thiva Character Ability 

Thiva’s Character ability name is Vital Vibes. This ability will automatically restore your 15HP in 5 seconds at level 1 only when you rescue your team-mate and also increase your rescue speed by 5%. Means it will take less time to revive your team-mate. At max level, it will restore your 40HP in 5 seconds and rescue speed increase by 20%. 

2. Is Thiva Character ability helpful for Rush Gameplay?

Simple and short answer to this question is ‘YES’ you can use Thiva for rush gameplay by combining it with other players character ability. You can combine this ability with alok, K, and Chrono abilities to play rush games. 

Furthermore, because there is no rescue involved in solo battles, Vital Vibe is useless. In duo and squad games, the ability may be utilized effectively to obtain a benefit. 


3. How To Get Thiva in Free Fire

As you all know, Free Fire 4th-anniversary is currently live in game. So just login to your game and head towards the 4th-anniversary interface and click on top left corner “Login Reward” there you can claim the Thiva character for free on 28th August 2021. 

Thiva Character Ability Is he helpful for Rush Gameplay?
4th Anniversary Party

4. About Free Fire

Free Fire is the best multiplayer game for low RAM devices in the world. Developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena. In 2019, it became the most downloaded mobile game globally, and Google Play awarded this game with the title of “Best Popular Vote Game” in 2019. There are over 500 Million downloads on Google Play.

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