The Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla Puzzle: Solving Method

AC Valhalla is an action role-playing game in which we need to survive by defeating enemies, achieving XP points or rewards by solving puzzles. Solving these puzzles will even be helpful in the progress of your game. One such Puzzle in AC Valhalla is the ‘Tionontaté Ken’ puzzle. Let us know what is Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla puzzle; How can you solve the Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla puzzle? What are the rewards for completing the Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla puzzle and many more!

What is Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla puzzle?

The Tionontaté ken Standing Stones puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a very simple yet very confusing and troublesome puzzle that is troubling a lot of players. The basic puzzle is to recreate an image. And to be frank, solving the puzzle needs minimal effort but if you are having any issues cracking the puzzle, our guide will be a helping hand for you.

In Short, Tionontaté Ken is a standing stone puzzle and the players have to form the symbol found in a central rock with all the other standing stones from a specific angle.

What are the Standing Stones in AC Valhalla?

Standing Stones in AC Valhalla

These are like building blocks that are to be kept together. You should align the stones by observing the stones at a particular angle. There are a total of thirteen (13) Standing Stones across the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Map.

The Standing Stones are –

  • Cosintun
  • Lord and Lady
  • Mycel Fold
  • Medeuuage Megaliths
  • Seahenge
  • Rodestan Monolith
  • Rollendritch
  • Devil’s Quoits
  • Eorthburg Hlaw
  • Aescforda Stones
  • Stonehenge
  • Aveberie Megaliths
  • Tionontaté Ken

Some puzzles are straightforward, whereas others Like the Tionontaté Ken puzzle need some more work before you can see the symbol.

Location of the Standing Stones:

The Standing Stones are on a cliff northwest of Teiotenontatasè:ke.

How can you solve the Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla puzzle?

Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla Puzzle

Step 1 (The Symbol): You will find this symbol in the center of the island which is northwest of the Synchronization Point. Approach the sign and see the sign clearly, as you need to memorize it. But you won’t be able to align the pieces into the symbol. And if you try to align, you will get stumped.  

Step 2 (The Prerequisite): Before you can solve the puzzle, you must first move the two stones near the sign. Move the stones out of the way, and then climb the largest stone amongst the three in the center. Now, you will be able to align the pieces into the symbol which you saw earlier. You can call upon Raven to help you know the order in which the pieces need to be moved. This is in order to get an aerial view of the location.

Step 3 (The Odin Vision): You need to use the Odin Vision to solve the puzzle. Before solving the triggers, you might need to adjust your camera and slightly adjust your position. The Odin Vision will align the pieces of the rune together into one single image.

What are the rewards for completing Tionontaté Ken AC Valhalla Puzzle?

On completing the Tionontaté Ken Puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, you will get a Skill point, some EXP. You will even move one step closer to solving all of the Vinland Mysteries.


This is all that you need to know about how to solve the Tionontaté Ken Standing Stone Puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There are many more puzzles for you to solve in AC Valhalla; we will be back with solutions for other puzzles that are being great trouble for all enthusiastic players like you. I hope this guide was helpful.

Happy Gaming.

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