Complete Walkthrough of the Looker Game on Steam | All Puzzles Solved

The Looker is a 2022 puzzle game that is made as a parody of The Witness game (2015). The game has 55 puzzles in total and has received very good reviews from players for its humor.

The basic idea of all puzzles is to join Start to the End and we will get right into the walkthrough now.

I. All Levels/Maps of The Looker:

  • The Dungeons/Tunnel
  • The Gardens/Outside Area
  • Library
  • Castle Area
  • Arcade Games
  • Beacon and Mazes
  • Game End

II. Achievements of The Looker:

  • Achievement Reloaded
  • Achievement Investigator (1/6)
  • Achievement Outside the Box
  • Achievement Investigator (2/6)
  • Achievement BOO!!!
  • Achievement Investigator (3/6)
  • Achievement Investigator (4/6)
  • Achievement Investigator (5/6)
  • Achievement SNéK
  • Achievement On Rails
  • Achievement Student
  • Achievement Dahh!
  • Achievement Investigator (6/6)
  • Achievement The Obelisk
  • Achievement Success

III. The Looker Walkthrough

1. The Dungeons/Tunnel:

The Tunnel | Source: The Looker

After the title screen of The Looker, you will find yourself in a very futuristic room/jail cell or a tunnel.  The controls are then displayed which are the standard ones: WASD to walk, Shift to sprint, and moving the Mouse to control the camera.

Now you need to turn around to go to the other end of the space to a little room, where you will pick up a First Aid Kit and Ammo by walking over them.

This also gives the first achievement: Reloaded

A. Tutorial Puzzles

Go back to the front part, where you will find a door with the first puzzle on it, a blank white canvas with ‘Start’ and ‘End’. When you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see a red pencil cursor. Just draw a line to join Start with End and the door will open up.

Just after that door, you will have another door and a puzzle. This time too, you have to join Start and End, but not through the black lines. Draw around or between the lines and join Star with End. The door will open and will lead you to another one (the meme, yes).

This door has a puzzle that is similar to the last one. Just join the Star with the end between the black lines (just don’t cut through them) and you are good to go. The door will open up and lead you to the outside garden area.

2. The Gardens/Outside Area:

The Gardens | Source: The Looker

This area has a lot of puzzles to solve, which are all connected with wires of some sort that glow up as you solve these puzzles. They are not supposed to be done in a particular order.

Just as you exit the door, you will see a fountain and beyond that fountain is a puzzle on the wall.

A. Garden Maze Puzzles | Purple Puzzle in The Looker

This one has a little maze and you have to just simply connect the ‘Start’ with the ‘End’ just like the earlier ones. The wire on the right will glow up which will lead you to the next puzzle with another little maze. Upon solving that one you will see one on the back near the chess set.

Most of the maze puzzles are simple and all can be done in whichever order you like. In fact, in some maze puzzles you don’t need to get your line through the maze at all, just go around it to join the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ But there are a few we’d like to mention. 

There is a purple puzzle you will find which clearly is not solvable and has a line between ‘Start’ and ‘End’ and you cant join them. However, you will find the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ on the wire connected to it on the right just join those and it will be done. This will also unlock the Outside the Box achievement.

Then you will find a big maze whose solution we have attached below.

The solution to the Maze

As you follow the cable towards a tower, you’ll discover a puzzle with ‘Start’ but no ‘End’. If you try to draw on the canvas, the narrator will beep like a radar. You may follow his beeps to discover where he ends up, or you can look at the image below for a solution:

The solution to the Maze

The second puzzle in the tower is very easy. After that as you wander in the area you will find a room with a recorder, so make sure you connect the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ on the recorder as well, as there is an achievement linked to it. You will also find another recorder at an unlit Fire-Pit.


Do Not Come In | Source: The Looker

At the end of this area after completing all the linked puzzles you will come across a door. That door says ‘Do not come in’ with a stop sign on it. You don’t have to scratch your head over the absence of ‘Start’ and ‘End’ on the door. Just Simply join ‘any S’ with the ‘E in come’ and the door will open up, which will open our path to the Library.

3. Library:

Cross the open door and you will see a knight statue on the left and a path to a TV on the right. The TV will have 2 puzzles to solve.

First, one is easy just join the S and E with a simple line.

In the second one, you’ll see a weird picture between the letters ‘S’ and ‘E’. The picture’s line might come in your way. As you draw the ink will drip like blood. You can cover the whole screen with it to fill in the space between S and E and the drawing will look spooky in the end. 

The game will greet you with a jumpscare after this on the TV. It will tell you to look behind.

A. Ghost and Gun

As you look behind you will notice that the Knight is not there anymore and there is a path for you. As you walk that way, you will see a ghost in the library area and the in-game character will equip a gun suddenly out of fear.

Further, on the path, the game will give you another jumpscare with the Knight Statue. This will unlock the BOO!!! Achievement.

Then continue moving until you come to a door with an ‘S’ and an ‘E’ and a large target. Don’t bother with lines or paintings, just shoot the door to pieces. You will then find yourself in the Castle area.

4. Castle Area:

After the door shooting, you will have to go up to an art room. You will find a puzzle with simple ‘Start’ and ‘End’ but the narrator will tell you to join them with exactly 3 loops in between.

Then a door will open on the other side of the room. While you go to the door to exit the room you will see a recorder, just join the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ and move ahead.

A. Top of Castle Walls

You’ll find yourself on top of the castle walls after passing through the door. Continue until you reach an intersection on the left, there will be a little boat with a recording on top, you have to play the recording, and by now you should know how to.

A locked gate is on your right. The gate will open if you solve the puzzle that hangs from it. You just have to ‘connect’ the ‘S’ with ‘End’ and the ‘Start’ with ‘E’ 

B. Chess Puzzle

Chess Puzzle | Source: The Looker

A little chess set overlooks the large one on the grounds just beyond this gate.  Connect the ‘S’ and ‘E’ in the timer behind the set to make the pieces move. Then, move your cursor to the little chart to your right and link the ‘S’s and ‘E’s, so that the garden pieces move as well. Return to the timer and link the ‘S’ and ‘E’, which should now be visible. There is a recording on the side play it and go back to the wall.

C. Pirate Ships and Cannons

Cannons | Source: The Looker

Exit this room and go to the right path. As you walk you will find two cannons and a scope/sight and a couple of Pirate Ships in the sea.

You have to sink these ships, and for that, you must interact with the sight from various angles such that it is pointed at them. Once that is lined up, join the ‘S’ and ‘E’ in it to fire a cannonball. Continue this process for each of the five ships.

This should unlock a door just under you, walk the stairs beyond the final cannon to get to it. You will now enter the next part The Arcade games.

5. Arcade Games:

SneK Game | Source: The Looker

Now as you enter the room with the Arcade Boxes, go to the SNéK Game. Join the ‘S’ and ‘é’ on the title to begin a new game. 

You’ll have to link multiple ‘S’s and ‘E’s in a succession without cutting your previous path. The ‘E’s will also appear at random places which makes it harder.

Solution of the Snake Game | Source: The Looker

Sticking to your borders is a way to solve this. When drawing lines from S to E, try to leave no gaps between each round.

When you solve the SNéK game, an achievement named SNéK will be unlocked.

Follow the now-lit red wire and it will take you to the next room up the castle with another game. This one is a Time crisis-themed game. To begin, connect the ‘S’ in _START_ with the ‘E’ in _GAME_.

Instead of shooting opponents, you must draw lines between the letters S and E on the screen before they vanish. Each will give you 25 points and on 600 points an achievement named On Rails will be unlocked.

6. Beacon and Mazes:

Source: The Looker

Upon exiting the game room you will find an odd machine with a painting in it to your left – link the ‘S’ and ‘E’ in it, then fill the receiver that surrounds S such that the machine sends a beam towards a solar panel above the library. 

Then on the right, solve the puzzle and your way to return to the gardens will open up. 

Return to the gardens and solve a puzzle on a now-fallen chess piece. This will light up the linked wire to a cube just in front of the chess set, which you can now open by connecting ‘S’ and ‘E’. The cube will then open to show a Kids Menu with a maze. Simply completing the maze will light up a wire connected to a panel near the castle’s gate. Now, go to that panel and solve it to get entrance to the Maze.


Enter the maze, then turn right, straight at the first junction, left, keep on, and turn left wherever allowed. This road should take you to a tiny rest spot with two sculptures. A book with many puzzles will be placed on top of a podium and directly in front of the angel statue. You must not only solve them all but also take notice of the symbol order in the final one since the symbols are the key to an endgame problem. 

There are 6 mazes that you have to solve and their solutions are given below:

Solution of
Maze 1
Solution of
Maze 2
Solution of
Maze 3
Solution of
Maze 4
Solution of
Maze 5
Solution of
Maze 6

Student Achievement will also be unlocked upon completing the puzzles of the book.

Now leave the Hedge Maze and return to the machine’s location. Turn right from there to return to the studio by solving the puzzle on the door.

7. Game End:

Source: The Looker

Enter the studio and proceed up the stairs through the other door to an area. There are numerous activities available here.

First, play the recorder to unlock the Investigator Achievement. Then, go to the telescope and look directly at the sun through the telescope to unlock the Dahh! Achievement.

A. Obelisk and Viewing Glass

Finally, go to the purple panel to the right of the telescope, which contains an ‘S,’ a ‘E,’ and several of the symbols from the book. The goal here is to link the letters ‘S’ and ‘E’ while passing through the symbols in the right order, as seen on the last page of the book, which is as follows: crescent moon, pointed arrow, shield, hourglass, curved arrow, pointy form. Connecting them across the maze is also part of the challenge.

Maze Solution

This will feature a door to the right, past which are some steps going to an odd area with only a large viewing glass. The concept and the joke are that when you gaze through the viewing glass and see that the whole garden is just a giant puzzle, complete with its own ‘S’ and ‘E’.

B. Final Puzzle and The End of The Looker

The Final Puzzle | Source: The Looker

You have to connect the S and E every time but you cant draw through black areas. The line will only go through the white or clear areas like white chessboard squares or grass. When you do connect the S and E you’ll discover that there is a method to link the letters ‘S’ and ‘E,’ which looks NSFW, and that’s the main joke of The Looker.

Upon completion, the achievement Obelisk will be unlocked. 

After the credits, the final achievement Success will be unlocked and The Looker game finally will be finished.

We hope this article helped you in completing The Looker.

IV. About The Looker:

The Looker is a Puzzle Adventure indie game developed and published by Subcreation Studio as a Parody to The Witness Game. This game was released on Steam in June 2022 and has received positive reviews. Players explore numerous charming spots on a mysterious island filled with over 55 unique puzzles. Over the course of around two hours, you will confront unique problems, ponderous concepts, and feebly humorous jokes.

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