The easiest way to solve Cable Puzzle (XXXXXX) in Biomutant

Biomutant consists of a total of three cable puzzles for you to put your mind into. On your advent to get the Helicopter Backpack in Biomutant, you come across the first cable puzzle in the game. In Biomutant, you will need to solve the cable puzzle(XXXXXX) to find Frankendog and deliver him back to Lobo. You will come across the puzzle at Sparkatorium tower. Here’s how to solve the cable puzzle(XXXXXX) in Biomutant.

1. How to Solve Cable Puzzles in Biomutant

To solve the puzzle in the tower, all you need to do is to replug the cable to match the correct sequence. Although cable puzzles are the trickiest puzzle of the game, that doesn’t mean they can’t be solved. Moreover, you only have a certain number of moves to solve the puzzle.

Location of Sparkatorium tower

When you first open the box, you’ll discover two rows of letters at the bottom. The first row will have letters highlighted in green and the other row with grey letters. The early puzzle features only the letter X, while the later puzzle will have X, Y, Z.

The goal is to match the number of green X’s to the number of grey X’s in the box using the cable. You’ll find X at the top in white colour in the square boxes and the X at the bottom in yellow colour. So, the white X’s are adding X’s to the green row, and the yellow X’s are subtracting X’s from the green row.

Now, all you got to do is find a way to add to the correct number or subtract depending on the puzzle. The aim is to find the combination of six squares to match the number of grey X’s to green X’s.


If you attach the wire in a square containing three whites and two yellows, which gives you a net value of positive one, so this will add one X to the green row. Also, if you remove the cable containing the same number of X’s mentioned above, it will remove a Green X from the row.


If you attach the wire in a square containing one white X and two yellow X, it will remove a green X from the row. Also, if you remove the cable containing the same number of X mentioned above, it will add a Green X to the row.


If you add or remove cable containing an equal number of X, nothing will change.

So, currently, we aim to get a total of six Green X in the row. In the image below, we need two more green X to complete the puzzle.

Cable Puzzle
Cable Puzzle

Note: If we move the cable to the box containing three X, you will get a total of seven X in the row, which is not allowed

Finally, if we move the cable containing two X, it will solve the puzzle resulting in six green X.

2. Conclusion

Of all the three Cable Puzzles you encounter in Biomutant, solving the cable puzzle (XXXXXX) will be the least difficult. Albeit, it is tricky in itself and requires thorough attention. Given limited moves for you to solve the puzzle, there’s not much room for error. Keep in mind the net X per block, and you’ll be good to go. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, go to Frankendog using the lift and return him to Lobo to complete the quest.

3. About Biomutant

Developed by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is a single-player, open-world, action role-playing game. The game is playable in a third-person perspective as a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Biomutant has in-game abilities to use, and the combat system includes melee attacks along with long-range shooting. The game is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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