How to Destroy the Boomhuts in Biomutant

There’s a lot for you to tackle in Biomutant. Each advancement you make in the game leads you to situations where you stand against new damage inflicting objects and enemies. As you roam across the map as large as in Biomutant, you’re soon going to come across Boomhuts. During your first encounter with Boomhuts, you will find them a bit annoying. Therefore it’s important for you to know how to Destroy the Boomhuts in Biomutant.

In Biomutant, Boomhuts are situated on walls present in certain areas. Boomhuts are small mechanisms that inflict damage by shooting bombs at you. They are pretty easy to deal with and can be taken down while in combat with enemies. However, there’s a certain way to destroy the Boomhuts in Biomutant. Here’s how to destroy them.

How to easily Take Down Boomhuts in Biomutant

In Biomutant, you can easily destroy the Boomhuts by deflecting the bombs back at the mechanisms. The deflected bomb will result in Boomhuts getting destroyed with an explosion. Also, good for you only one bomb is sufficient to take down the Boomhut.

There are a total of two ways for you to take down Boomhuts in Biomutant. You can deflect the bomb either by a melee attack or by shooting guns at them. Although, both the ways are quite effective, the Melee attacks prove somewhat to be easier to execute. Shooting at the bomb to deflect them can be pretty tricky when it comes to timing your attack. Therefore, Melee attacks are easy to carry out given their responsiveness.

Use Melee attack to destroy the Boomhubs in Biomutant
Use Melee attack to deflect the Bomb

Moreover, It is also useful to note that the bomb stays in the air for quite some time once they eject from the Boomhuts. The Bombs relatively comes at a slower pace towards you. Therefore, giving you an ample amount of time to dodge and reposition to hit the bomb.

Although, in Biomutant, it’s pretty quick and simple to destroy Boomhuts, however, it is still advised for you to eliminate all of the enemies before tackling the Boomhuts. Tackling with Boomhuts during mid-fight with enemies can open space for them to attack you. Takedown enemies with high damage inflicting weapons like Pri-Murgel Sword and then later destroy Boomhuts in Biomutant.

About Biomutant

Developed by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is a single-player, open-world, action role-playing game. The game is playable in a third-person perspective as a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Biomutant has in-game abilities to use, and the combat system includes melee attacks along with long-range shooting. The game is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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