The Best Long Drive Seeds | Complete Guide

The Long Drive is an interesting game with a unique concept of you spawning on a random map and then surviving while driving. These maps are generated by codes known as The Long Drive Seeds and we have some of the best ones listed in this article.

So go ahead and have some fun in your Long Drive.

I. The Best Seeds in Long Drive:

The Long Drive

1. The Long Drive Seeds for Specific Landscapes:

  • Steep Hills: (-1908366339) – There are several steep hills on this map. The uphill ascent requires you to be careful about resources, but the descent from the summit can be very enjoyable. This map offers a new view and fun adventurous driving.
  • Too many rocks and obstacles: (-150455473) – Many rocks cover the road, making it a fun obstacle course. If you don’t take care when using this map, you can end up leaving pieces all over the place. This is a very fun seed to challenge yourself.
  • Fully Flat: (1958123679) – Nearly all of this map is flat. This one is for the times when you just want to drive and not care about other things. It offers you a nearly limitless space to use any way you like. This is excellent for relaxing and passing the time. 
  • Developer’s Best Seed: (1896490792) – The game’s developer, Genesz, discovered this map. You will have to cross a fairly large mountainous area on the map. The map is difficult to navigate, but it’s also a lot of fun and it looks amazing.
  • Full of Buildings: (1912821) – The map in this seed has a good number of buildings that frequently appear as you go through it. Therefore, you don’t have to constantly check your resources as they are so readily available all the time.
  • A lot of Cacti: (778725576) – You will just see one thing in abundance in this one and that is the green prickly cactus. Just a ton of them spread all around.
  • Challenge Seeds: (1127718705) or (-1291240289) or (-505633115) – If you are finding this game too boring and easy then go try these ones out.
  • Normal Landscape: (420696912) or (49573047) or (1024860785) or (-1174820301) – These seeds offer you normal gameplay with nothing unusual. Just how it is supposed to be, a little challenging and calming at the same time.
  • Fun ones: (1026870966) or (8976126) or (1912821) – These seeds add a little zing to your normal The Long Drive maps. You can expect resource structures etc to spawn near you in these.
  • Error Seeds (will lag or break the game): (920) or (99999999) or (540987140) or (47893021) – Try giving these seeds a try to know what “The Long Drive.exe has stopped working” looks like.
  • A Rock Blocking the Exit: (1539375339) – A rock will block your spawn house’s door. Good luck getting out of there.

2. The Long Drive Seeds for Good Supplies:

  • Loaded Warehouse: (970781782) – This seed will spawn you close to a warehouse that contains multiple vehicles. With each use of this seed, you might possibly acquire any vehicle in any condition because seeds have no effect on vehicle spawn rates or conditions.
  • Full of Tanker Ships: (1028973171) – This seed is jam-packed with tanker ships. Which makes for an extremely engaging gameplay experience. On a rather leveled terrain, you can explore each one individually or simply take in the endless drive past many shipwrecks. 
  • Spawn Near Tanker Ship: (-2108625799) – You can explore a tanker ship that is immediately next to the spawn in this seed. You can get plenty of fuel and other resources early on, giving you more time to explore the map. If the ship is open, you can find barrels of resources like gas, oil, and water.
  • Gas station near spawn: (1521234786) – This seed will spawn you near a gas station with plenty of fuel for a good full tank start. Hence, you won’t have to worry about fuel when driving in this one.
  • Easy to survive: (568343402) – This one is simple to follow. A building with gasoline and lots of loot is located at regular distances. Furthermore, you will also find shipwrecks with all types of fuels and resources on this map.
  • 2 ships and 6 cars on spawn: (-1959989769) – This should be a very resourceful start for you. It gives you a very big choice in vehicles too which you can also kind of remix according to your wishes.
  • Simple Full Tank start: (-15199320210) – This is a simple full tank start seed in The Long Drive. Neither too crazy nor too underwhelming, just a proper start to a post-apocalyptic adventure.
  • Diner Near Spawn: (1100100) – Diners are one of the best structures in The Long Drive and this seed gives one right at your spawn.

II. About The Long Drive:

The Long Drive is an Indie driving survival game. This game was released in September 2019 for PC as a beta. With a range of vehicles and survival difficulties, players can explore a post-apocalyptic desert that is produced at random. 

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