Tesla Pi Phone: Model Pi Phone with Crypto Mining Resources

Rumors have been surging all over the internet that the Electric Car company Tesla will be manufacturing smartphones soon. Now the rumors seem to be true.  Musk is about to push his smartphone under the successful brand, Tesla, very soon. As per the rumors, the Tesla phone will be named Model Pi or Model P. Let us discuss whether all these rumors of the Tesla pi phone are actually true? and what are the features we can expect from the smartphone?

Is Tesla Pi Phone Launching?

Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are currently the kings of the smartphone industry. Samsung is the anti-iPhone for those who want to use a high-end phone. Moreover, Samsung is ruling the folding-phone market with the latest clamshell and other folding devices. Now, the question rises can the Tesla smartphone outperform these already established companies? If you ask us, well yes of course it can. The main reason behind this is the ingenious brain of the World’s Richest Man.

As per the information gathered Elon Musk is really planning to enter the smartphone market. In an interview, Musk said:  

“Many smartphone software updates present problems for users, whether it be compatibility, speed, and security. Also, as an iPhone user, each update becomes less impressive for users.”

Moreover, earlier this year, a model of a Tesla phone was released by designer Antonio De Rose. He along with his team released a full concept of what a Tesla smartphone might look like. Now as more rumors are surfacing, the smartphone concept looks real.

All this information and rumors indicate that the company will launch the Tesla Model Pi phone for sure. Let’s look at the leaked features of the Model Tesla Pi phone.

Tesla Model Pi Concept Video

Tesla Pi Phone Features

When it comes to the company Tesla, you’d expect it to be jam-packed with more innovative technology and features, and this rumored Tesla Model Pi phone doesn’t disappoint. The Tesla phone will come with some cool tech loaded just like the Tesla cars. Here are features we can see in the Tesla Model Pi Model:

I. SpaceX Starlink Internet

The best part about the Model Pi phone will be the Starlink integration. The Tesla phone will be compatible with SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service. Even in remote regions, high-speed internet will be available directly from the satellite. The speed on this smartphone is going to be like never seen before. Moreover, with the help of the Starlink connection, we can use the phone on Mars too and can communicate with people on earth. This will be the perfect tie-in to the Tesla smartphones for sure.

II. Neuralink

The feature that can make this smartphone a great success is Neuralink. This is another company of Elon Musk that dwells into things like reading information from the human brain and helping to restore some brain functions with the help of chips. This will surely be a breakthrough in the smartphone industry. Just imagine your phone working by receiving signals from your brain. Isn’t it amazing?

However, Neuralink is still a long way from producing consumer-level brain-machine interface devices. But we can expect some other kind of fascinating neural integration in the smartphone.

III. Tesla Car Linking

This is kind of obvious that the Tesla Model Pi phone will be able to link with the Tesla Cars. You’ll be able to control your Tesla car with the help of the phone. Hence, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your Electric Vehicle with Model Pi.

Tesla to Launch “Model Pi” Phone with Crypto Mining Resources
Tesla | Sorce: Pexels

IV. Solar Charging

Built-in Solar Charging technology in Tesla phones will be just exceptional. Once this happens all you need to do is move out to a sunny place and your phone will be charged. At least with this technology, you won’t have to search for charging ports anymore.

V. Crypto Mining resources

According to the rumors, Elon Musk once said that his Tesla smartphone will also be able to crypto mining Marscoins. We don’t know how can this be possible but we do believe in Elon Musk. Even if the Tesla Model Pi phone manages to integrate crypto debit cards or services like lightning, the popularity might increase than it is now.

All these features are likely to be expected in the rumored Tesla Model Pi smartphone. However, no official announcements have been made by the company. We will keep you in the loop about the Tesla Model Pi phone. Till then do tell us about your thoughts on the Model Pi smartphone by commenting down below.

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