Tarik VS Jason R Drama Explained: L Friend meaning

The issue between Tarik and Jason R arose because Ruchelski, famously known as Jason R was labeled by people as one who is “dodging” female teammates in Valorant. Here is the explanation about Tarik VS Jason R Drama –

The Backdrop Story :

The issue first occurred back in 2018, when Jason R has banned a women spectator from his chat. After banning her, Jason R said, “Every single f**king girl on Twitch is little f**king hoes.” There are spectators who comment that the statement was told out on the stream in a very funny way.

In February, Jason R was falsely accused that he would deliberately avoiding and muting female players in-game. This led to many players from the Valorant community, such as Annie Dro hit out at Jason, for “manipulating and gaslighting” his audience.

The Outline of Tarik VS Jason R Drama:

The controversy has re-spawn when Jason R called out long-time pal Tarik for not defending him amid the accusations, leading to the two clashing against each other on stream.

The Complete Tarik VS Jason R Drama:

On the 26th of March, both the streamers – Jason R and Tarik were coincidentally in the same stream. And in the same stream, when both of them were playing together, they have lost a match. After losing the match, Jason R called out Tarik to be an “L Friend”. An ‘L Friend’ means – ‘A friend who could perhaps turn into a two-faced person who often talks shit behind one back after being cool with them. .”

Tarik asked Jason R for an explanation for uttering such kinds of words bluntly.  This is when both of them started to have a heated argument.

Jason R in the process of explaining Tarik started saying that though Tarik knew Jason R very well; was in a position to deny people accuses of Jason R “dodging” female teammates, Tarik preferred to stay silent. In reply to this, Tarik said that there was proof that showcased that Jason R was dodging female teammates. Though Jason R has personal reasons for it. Tarik felt that if people see Tarik playing alongside Jason R, that would be as if Tarik is supporting such kind of behavior; which Tarik didn’t want it. Though the conversation went on for a long time; Tarik was in no mood to play alongside Jason R for his behavior.

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