Svelte Js Practices – Tips For Writing Better Svelte Code In 2022?

Frameworks provide users with the easiest way to develop their web applications with the least coding. For many years React, Vue, and Angular are the trusted names in this field and are used widely in many applications. But from about 2 years, a new framework Svelte has become a well-known name. If you are trying to increase your coding skills in Svelte, then you are in the right place. Let’s discuss what svelte js is, which points you should keep in mind before using svelte code, some important coding features of svelte, and a step-by-step procedure to learn svelte.

What is Svelte?

The Svelte is a component framework that resembles a compiler. It generates small plain JavaScript code as small as possible to make the application tiny and fast. It also ensures proper optimization.

Svelte provides us with the facility of automatic updates of user interface data, no complex code syntax like JSX of React. It gives the facility of directly updating real DOM and thus requires no virtual DOM, which increases its efficiency. This framework has just started to develop and is not completely matured, but has a huge scope for growth.

Things To Keep in Mind While Using Svelte js

Svelte js is a very interesting framework that includes many features like Virtual DOM, Lightweight and performant, reactiveness, and low learning curve. But there are some things which you should always keep in mind while starting to code in svelte js which are as shown below:


There are some pre-requirements that you should know or should be familiar with or satisfy before starting to work with Svelte js. Firstly, Svelte is fully written using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. So, you should be familiar with all three languages to put your step forward in the language. Secondly, Svelte is a compiler that generates minimal and highly optimized JavaScript code from our source code. To satisfy the above conditions, you must know how to use the command line or terminal. You must also need a terminal with node+ npm installed to compile and build your application. You can download npm by simply going to and then install it.


Svelte doesn’t introduce anything new like JSX in React, but it simply follows simple web standards. Also, it changes some standard semantics to work differently. It could be quite confusing for you as a new user. For example, it uses the export keyword in a different way and there are quirks like using on:click instead of using onClick.

It also uses a JS label i.e., $: to make derived statements work. It can surely confuse you if you are new to this language. Being a JS developer, you might not be familiar that labels exist in JavaScript as we rarely use this feature.

Svelte JS- A Young Framework

It is a very young framework and a small community working on it. So, it is not battle-tested as React or Angular. That means you simply can’t rely on it for complex or critical applications that are accepted to scale. Being a young framework, you will not find a large number of libraries or tools as in React.

But Svelte is becoming popular very fast and reaching many developers. It will soon establish a large community with many contributors, who will help it to grow.

Some Important Coding Features of Svelte

Svelte is a very easy JavaScript framework consisting of many features that users can use to easily develop their application. For developing your coding skills, you should be familiar with some basic features which are as described below:


It is a feature that is used to display a variable of some sort in the template.

    let great = 'Great';

The above code below will display Great.

Event Handling

It is used to manage if the user clicks on any button, then what action is to be taken. You can also specify other events such as mouseover.

    let great = 'Great';
    function clickEvent() {
        great = 'Good Work';
<button on:click={clickEvent}>Click on this button</button>

The above code will firstly display Great and then changes to Good Work after clicking.

If and else

Simply like other languages, you can use if and else functions in Svelte js also.

    let work = {
        status: 'great'
{#if work.status == 'great'}


You can iterate over an array to fetch a value of key; you can easily do it in Svelte as below:

    let work = {
        status: 'Great'
{#if work.status == 'Great'}

Apart from features listed above, there are many other amazing features like Bindings for creating form, Data Stores for storing data, fetching data from API

Starting to work with Svelte js

The most ideal way to start working with Svelte is to install and use project templates. Repel and degit are the two most used starter template applications. You can easily install the application template from degit using the code below:

npx degit sveltejs/template svelte-project
cd svelte-project
npm install (or npm i)

The above code will install all the dependencies you require to work with Svelte. It will also create a new folder that will consist of all the files and dependencies. You can use any text editor like Visual Studio to open the folder.

Then you need to set up your local server by running the dev server using the command below:

npm run dev

You will see the main.js and App.svelte files in the /src folder.

Main.js acts as your entry point of application, while app.js consists of three basic building blocks of your JS i.e., script, style, and HTML template.

To run your application on the server, you will need a router to run your application. You can simply install a router named svero by the code below:

npm install –save svero


You can easily start working as a Svelte developer if you just follow the steps given above, but always remember it’s just a start and Svelte is very deep to explore. So, after having a start deep down into the major features and improving your application.

Which Svelte js code feature did you like the most? Tell us in the comments below!!

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