Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2- Bug & Temporary Solution

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a 2022 action role-playing game. It is released for players on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is one of the most interesting survival action games available because of its horror-based setup. In Dying Light 2, players will have to survive waves of infection across a vast map. In Dying Light 2 players have various resources and tools to survive, such as ‘Survivor Sense.’

But there are many instances where players reported that the Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2 isn’t working properly. Check this out to know the solutions to make Survivor Sense work.

1.What is Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2?

On activating, Survivor Sense basically highlights the useful elements like enemies, hideouts, potential looting, and more, around the map which are useful for the player’s survival.

Usually, pressing a button or a key should activate the Survivor Sense.

Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2- Bug & Temporary Solution
Dying Light 2 | Source: Dying Light

2. Malfunctioning of Survivor Sense

As said above, pressing a button (or) a key once should be enough to activate the Survivor Sense. But in Dying Light 2, some players have reported that they are forced to press the button (or) the key multiple times to activate the Survivor Sense.

I. Reports by the Players About Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 – Survivor Sense not working sometimes

Survivor sense doesn’t seem to want to work like 25% of the time, I’ll be pressing Q at least 8 times until one survivor sense actually comes out, and then at times it works but if you keep pressing it just slows down and you have to wait for a while to be able to use it again.

Survivor Sense

Whenever I push in the right analog stick the survivor sense sometimes doesn’t go off not sure if it’s my controller but I don’t have any problems on other games that require me to click in the right analog stick for anything, usually, the melee in most shooters, was fine on R6 Extraction and BF 2042 wondering if this is happening to anyone else, I have to sometimes pull the stick outwards then press it back in to get it to work??

The Survivor Sense glitch leads to other issues that affect the gameplay. Because the Survivor Sense is inactive, the players have to open the map to manually locate useful items. The problem is that the in-game UI could be slow.

Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2- Bug & Temporary Solution
Dying Light 2 | Source: Dying Light

3. Few Potential Workouts to fix Survivor Sense in Dying Light 2

At present, there is no permanent solution for the glitch. So, here are a few potential workouts that will temporarily fix the glitch:

  • Player can exit to main menu and return to the game.
  • Player can also try crouching and un-crouching.
  • Press and hold the analog stick and wiggle it around a little.
  • Taking out your weapon and just do a simple block.
  • Go into the inventory and back out.

These are a few potential ways to fix the Survivor Sense glitch temporarily. As of now, there doesn’t seem any official acknowledgment of these bugs.

I think the gamers have to wait a little longer to get the issue completely fixed.

4. Conclusion

The above-listed way would for sure fix the glitch temporarily. But for a permanent solution, we need to wait for the official acknowledgment from the developers of Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 is the most recent game in the market that was released on February 4th,2022 and hence, has multiple bugs and glitches. I hope the developers will soon fix them all. The game also allows you to experience the campaign alongside friends in co-op mode.

We will be back with more updates about Survivor Sense and Dying Light 2.

Until then, Happy Gaming.

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