Stray Mods: How to Install Best Stray Mods

The game Stray just launched two weeks ago, and this game is already winning people’s hearts. The game has a 4.8 rating out of 5, and 98% of the people have already voted this game to be the Game Of The Year. With this game being so popular nowadays, people have started making Mods for Stray. It’s really early, as some of you all probably haven’t even finished the game, but people tend to get bored with games fast, so they need new things to explore in-game. This article will cover some of the best and funniest Stray Mods that’ve been made, how can you download them, and more.

1. Best Stray Mods

I. Garfield

This mod converts your ginger cat, into the funny cartoon known as Garfield. This Mod was created by Chris Rubino. He refers to this mod as the “Cartoon Edition”. He also says that he and his team are also working on a high-res ‘movie edition’ of this mod. This will make Garfield look more real.

Stray Mod Garfield

This mod allows your cat to have an adult voice-over instead of the normal small kid’s voice. This mod also allows your cat to have funny adult talks and make fart sounds. This is one of the funniest Mods in the game. You can also do Garfield’s famous, “Lazy Meow”.

II. First Person POV

This Mod was made by Jessica Natalia, which allows you to play this game in the first-person view. This mod is best for people who love to experience games in VR experience. The first-person view will also allow you to take advantage of the great graphics of the game. Jessica also altered one more thing in this mod, she replaced the “meow” sound with the infamous Heavy Rain’s dialogue “Jason!”.

Stray Mods: How to Install Best Stray Mods
Stray Mod First Person POV

III. Happy Puppy

If you’re a dog person and still want to play Stray, this mod is perfect for you. This mod turns your cat in-game into a cute bulldog puppy. The creator of this mod is also Chris Rubino. The mod is named “Happy Puppy”, but the dog doesn’t look so happy and Chris hasn’t even changed the meow sound to a bark. He released this mod a little too early but he said he’ll be doing more work on this mod.
Stray Mod Happy Puppy

IV. Pick Of The Litter

This mod allows you to change your ginger cat to any other color or breed. This mod includes hand-painted alternative textures for black, white, brindle, grey, ghost tabby, and tuxedo cats, as well as a brown point Siamese. SpaceD0lphin is the creator of this Mod. He said that more choices would be added in the future.

Stray Mods: How to Install Best Stray Mods
Stray Mod Pick Of The Litter

V. CJ From GTA: San Andreas

This Mod is one of the funniest mods in Stray, it turns your cat protagonist into CJ from GTA San Andreas. This is one of the most pointless mods in the game, but people are loving this mod. If you want to have a good laugh and just enjoy the gameplay, this mod is perfect for you. As of now, CJ only meows in-game but players are requesting the modder to add CJ’s voice.

Stray Mods: How to Install Best Stray Mods
Stray Mod CJ From GTA San Andreas

2. How to Run Mods in Stray?

Once you download the mod you need to navigate to the C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks

You need to paste the files of the mod inside this folder. Once you do so, you’re good to go and can enjoy your mod in-game.

3. About Stray

Stray is a 2022 Third-Person Adventurous game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. This game was released in July 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. You play as a stray cat, who’s separated from its family and is trying to untangle a mystery to escape the cybercity and find its way home. You solve many interesting quests, and Puzzles as the story progresses.

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