Where to Find and Help Clementine in Stray

In Chapter 10: Midtown of Stray, you’ll be given the task of finding the location of Clementine. You’ll encounter many interesting NPCs while finding Clementine. In this chapter, you need to find Clementine twice. The first time you find her, she’ll give you a task to steal the Atomic Battery; once you find it you’ll need to find her again through Midtown. In this article, we’re gonna talk about Clementine Location in Stray, how to find the Atomic Battery, and more.

1. Where to Find Clementine in Stray for the First Time?

When you start Chapter 10: Midtown, you need to go through Midtown to investigate where you can find Clementine. You need to ask the townsfolk about her whereabouts by showing her pictures. After talking with some of the NPCs, you’ll get to know the location of Clementine’s house. It’ll be somewhere in Midtown’s housing area.

Where to Find and Help Clementine in Stray
Clementine Picture

The blue symbol on the back is the street name where Clementine’s house and the green dots that are there represent the floor number and the red dots are the room number where she lives. You can rotate the picture and see the symbols.

You need to be at the main plaza and turn right from there and you need to go past the bar, hat shop, and barbershop to find the blue sign. Once you’re in the area, you’ll see three of the hooligan robots. Next, you need to find the sign pointing to two green dots. You’ll find this sign up the stairs on the second floor, and from there you need to continue moving to the third floor where you’ll find the three dots.

Once you reach the third floor, look for room number 5. This room will be the one that is boarded up and covered in police tape. It’ll be very hard to miss this room. There will be a hole in the window, through which you can jump. Once you jump in, you’re into Clementine’s apartment. You need to head to the main room while going through the kitchen.

Where to Find and Help Clementine in Stray
Clementine in Room Number 5

You’ll be ambushed by Clementine and she’ll ask you what you’re doing in her apartment, you need to show her the photo from your inventory. She tells you that she’s been looking for a way out but the Sentinels have forbidden such action. After this, she asks for your help, she gives you a task to steal the Atomic Battery to power up the Subway train. You need to get the Atomic Battery.

I. How to Help Clementine and Find the Atomic Battery?

To get Clementine out of Midtown, you need to start the Subway train. Clementine reveals that you’ll need the train keys and you need an Atomic Battery as well. To get this Atomic Battery, you need to go through Neco Corp Factory.

To get into this factory, you need to sneak in there with B-12 as there will be many Sentinels drones. Once you finish this quest and get the battery, you need to head back to the Clementine apartment location in Stray. As you reach to her apartment, you find that she is not there and there’s a coded message about her next location.

2. Where to Find Next Clementine’s Location in Stray?

Once you have the Atomic Battery, you’ll need to head back to Clementine’s apartment. Once you reach there, you find that Security Robots have closed off access to everybody and nobody can enter the building. They’ll be hunting for Clementine. You’ll need to get up to the apartment without getting noticed.

Once you’re up in the apartment, you’ll find that Clementine has abandoned the apartment and has left a coded message. The coded message will be four dot symbols. These four dot symbols are clues to where Clementine’s next location is:

Mysterious Message
  • The first dot symbol is the incense burner in the middle of the table, it will read “I’m with”.
  • The second symbol would be the large crystal, you need to reach this by crawling up the cloth that is hanging out of a drawer that is on the left of the incense burner. It will read “Blazer”.
  • The third symbol would look like a traffic cone. and you can find it on the head of a mannequin in the bathroom. It will read “Come to”.
  • The fourth and final symbol is a lava lamp. You need to look for the Lava lamp which has a big heart on it. You’ll find it on top of the kitchen shelf above the stove. It will read “Nightclub”.

These clues reveal the location of Clementine in Stray and you can find her in the Nightclub.

I. How to Find Clementine’s Location in Nightclub?

As the clues from the coded message tell you that Clementine is at the nightclub with Blazer, you need to head to the Nightclub. They’ll be in the VIP section. You need to confirm with the bartender first about the VIP section, he’ll tell you that Blazer has rented out the entire VIP section, which created some tension amongst the customers.

You need to move up to the second floor where the VIP section is, you can do this by pulling the DJ Matcee platform down with a lever. Once you’re up on the second floor, there will be three buttons there, each of them buttons will bring down some lights which you can use as a platform to reach the VIP section. To solve this puzzle, you need to:

  • First press the button on the right
  • second press the button on the middle
  • third press the button on the left
  • next press the middle button again
Get the VIP Section Access

After this, the lights will be in position for you to reach the VIP section. Once you reach there, you’ll see Clementine tied up to a chair. Blazer will then appear with the Sentinels, and both Clementine and the cat will be taken to jail.

3. About Stray

Stray is a 2022 Third-Person Adventurous game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. This game was released in July 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. You play as a stray cat, who’s separated from its family and is trying to untangle a mystery to escape the cybercity and find its way home. You solve many interesting quests, and Puzzles as the story progresses.

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