Steps to Dual Wield Weapons in Elden Ring on PS5, Xbox & PC

If you want to dual-wield weapons in Elden Ring, you have come to the right place. As in this article, we are going to discuss steps on how to dual wield weapons in Elden Ring on all platforms (PC, Xbox, or PlayStation)

1. What is dual-wielding in Elden ring?

Dual wielding is just equipping weapons in both the left and right hands, they don’t need to be the same. This should not be confused with Two Handing the weapon, which is the mechanic in which the character grips the weapon with 2 hands, this gives us a strength boost of up to 50 percent and decreases defense.

With Dual Wielding your character switches between the two wielded weapons to do combo moves, but this results in reduced defense.

The Dual wielding mechanic was also present in the Studio’s previous popular Dark Souls games but it was limited to certain weapons, but in Elden ring, you can use it with almost all the weapons, even shields for that matter.

But there is also a mechanic with dual-wielding known as Power Stance which was introduced in Elden Ring.

2. What is the Power stance?

How to dual wield in Elden ring
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With Power Stance you can access different movesets that you cannot reach via two-handing or dual-wielding. Power Stancing in Elden Ring has no stat requirements.

2 things are very important to ensure to use of the Power stance effectively

  • The weapon types(class) should be the same, otherwise, the power stance won’t work and it will be just dual wielding.
  • The weapon level should be the same, to have increased damage.

This too decreases defense like the usual dual wielding and Two handing. So, to be effective using Power Stance make sure to use fast weapons, that way you can inflict greater damage quickly with each attack.

3. How to Dual Wield weapons in Elden Ring?

  1. Firstly, open the Main Menu.
  2. Then, select the equipment menu
  3. After that, choose the slot in Right-Hand Armament and select a weapon to wield with the right hand.
  4. Also, choose the slot in the Left-Hand Armament option just below the Right Hand one and choose another weapon to wield with the left hand.
  5. Now, when you exit the menu you’ll see that your character would be dual-wielding.
  6. Finally, to attack with this dual wield arrangement you’d have to press Left Mouse Button(PC) or R1(PlayStation), or RB(Xbox).
  7. Now as you click these buttons continuously the character will alternate between the weapons.

4. How to use Power Stance in Elden Ring? 

Source: Elden Ring
  1. Follow the same steps until Step 5 of dual-wielding.
  2. Just make sure that the two weapons you choose are of the same type(for example if the right-hand one is a dagger then the left-hand one has to be a dagger as well) otherwise, the power stance won’t work. Also, the weapons should be of the same level too to get maximum damage.
  3. So then when you want to attack with the power stance you’d have to press the Right Mouse Button(PC) or L1(PlayStation) or LB(Xbox).
  4. As you click these buttons continuously the character will use both the weapons at the same time to attack with combos.

5. Conclusion:

Power stance is indeed a destructive mechanic to use in Elden Ring and is the improved version of Dual Wielding, as it effectively doubles the damage you deal as it uses two same weapons at the same time. We hope that this article helped you in using dual wielding or power stance in your Elden Ring adventures.

6. About Elden Ring:

Elden Ring is a dark fantasy action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware, creators of the popular Dark Souls series. It was released in February 2022 on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

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