Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Removes Denuvo DRM

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order removes Denuvo. It has been deleted post-release by several companies recently. It was about time, one may argue because the game was released in 2019 and it didn’t make sense to have DRM active at that point. The reasons for Denuvo’s removal were not disclosed by the publisher or developer. However, it was likely due to Denuvo’s incompatibility with Intel’s newest Alder Lake CPUs.

It’s fair to argue that if Denuvo didn’t create so many performance difficulties with games. It wouldn’t be as unpopular within the community. It even goes beyond stuttering, with the despised DRM technology rendering games unplayable following a domain name expiration downtime. Fortunately, it appears that developers are beginning to recognize this pattern and are deleting software after launch. It appears that Remedy Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be the next significant title to do so.

Star Wars Removes Denuvo

According to a recent rumor, the team behind Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has decided to remove Denuvo from the game. It’s a decision that will most likely make fans happy. The article does not specify why the contentious DRM software was deleted. However, people would presume it was due to the technology’s proclivity for producing frame rate difficulties in games.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Removes Denuvo DRM
Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order | Source: EA

It’s unclear how this may affect the Star Wars game’s performance. It has been known to suffer from PC stuttering difficulties, which Denuvo has been blamed for in the past. No doubt, players will be able to see if removing it solves the problem. It’s worth noting that Shadow of the Tomb Raider is said to run smoother now that DRM has been removed.

Reasons for Removing Denuvo

It’s natural that major businesses would want to safeguard their releases by preventing individuals from pirating them. But given the problems that Denuvo may create during gameplay, it’s easy to see why the community has a hard time embracing it. 

Ubisoft is a huge supporter of it, but more and more firms are abandoning it. With the Crysis team deleting DRM from the remastered edition only a few weeks ago. This is probably definitely owing to stuttering or other performance difficulties that many players are encountering in games that insist on including the technology.

With the current Intel CPU also incompatible with the DRM technology, albeit a workaround has been revealed and a more long-term remedy is in the works, studios and publishers are finding it more difficult to defend Denuvo. We see a number of prominent games, including Fallen Order, eliminating it. There appears to be a trend among firms that the advantages of removing it exceed the requirement of having it in the first place.

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