How to See & Share Your Spotify Wrapped 2021 Stats

Fancy yourself to be a music lover? If you use Spotify as your music streaming application, they have some stats that you might be interested in! Spotify Wrapped 2021 is finally here. Spotify has released the list of songs and artists enjoyed by music lovers across the globe in the year 2021. Here’s how to see & share your Spotify wrapped 2021 stats.

What is Spotify Wrapped 2021

Spotify Wrapped is a list of your favorite songs and artists cumulated by Spotify each year. The Spotify Wrapped 2021 discloses the names of artists and songs across every genre, country, and language that were a total hit among the listeners.

This year marks the third edition of the wrap. Apart from the listener’s favorite songs and artists, this wraps also unveils the number of artists they listened to, their most played song of the year, and others over the year. Some of the most anticipated lists released this year include Most streamed artist, Most streamed song, Top 10 most streamed albums in India and more.

How to Check Your Top Songs on Spotify Wrapped 2021

Follow these steps to see & share your Spotify wrapped 2021 stats:

  • Open Spotify
  • Find the ‘Your 2021 Wrapped‘ banner and click on it to access the playlist. Alternatively, you can also direct find your top songs playlist by searching ‘Wrapped’ in the search bar.
  • Once you click on the banner, your customized playlist and statistics are viewable.
  • You also get the option to share your playlist with your friends on social media. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Share this story‘ button. 
  • The feature to add Wrapped cards on numerous social media platforms is also added by the Swedish audio streaming platform.

List of New Features Added by Spotify

  • Data Stories – Users will be able to see their wrapped lists in the stories format. They will also see new data stories and will be able to see their top artists, albums, songs and podcasts in an organised manner.
  • Audio Aura – Based on users’ top two music moods, the music streaming platform will showcase their ‘audio aura’.
  • 2021: The Movie – Users will be able to watch a movie of their top songs and artists with this new added feature.
  • Playing Cards – Spotify has also introduced a game in this new feature, which will display statements about a user’s listening choices in 2021, and they have to guess which ones are true and false.
  • Exclusive video from creators – Top fans will be able to avail of some exclusive experiences as they will now get a message from their top artist thanking them.

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