SpiderMan Fortnite Skin May Be Dedicated to PlayStation, According to Chapter 2 Season 9 Leaks

At the moment, Fortnite leakers are going bananas with the Spiderman Skin leaks. While some of them seem to be much too absurd to be true, Epic Games has shown time and time again that when it comes to partnerships, they can make anything happen.

Fortnite SpiderMan Skin Leak

We know that Naruto has yet to be included in the game. Chapter 2 Season 9 leaks indicate that SpiderMan will be arriving on the island soon. However, there may be a twist in this story that may dissatisfy many gamers. After many Marvel characters have made their way into Fortnite, it seems that the heroic teenager from Queens will finally be able to fly about the island.

The Leaker Claims SpiderMan Collaboration in Fortnite

Multiple accounts on Twitter have shared leaks from an unnamed leaker. According to the report, Sony and Epic Games are now in discussions to add Spidey to Fortnite in Season 9. Epic Games, on the other hand, appears to want to make the outfit a PlayStation exclusive. This means that PlayStation gamers will be able to obtain the skin in Fortnite.

Many others in the Fortnite community will be disappointed because SpiderMan is a beloved figure. Every player would enjoy a chance to purchase the suit. For the longest period, players have been waiting for the skin to be published in the game. This leak has irritated several players, particularly those who do not own a PlayStation console.

SpiderMan Outfit with Venom Outfit

With a global scarcity of consoles, it is difficult for any gamer to obtain a PS5, which was introduced in November of last year. However, with the debut of the third Spiderman film imminent, the Spiderman suit will most likely be along the same lines as the Venom outfit launched this season.

Venom Fortnite Skin | Source: Marvel

Players can only hope that Epic Games, as mentioned by the mysterious leaker, would consider the community before deciding to make SpiderMan a PlayStation exclusive.

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