Sony Xperia Pro-I has leaked with a 1-inch camera sensor

Sony has leaked its camera for the Sony Xperia Pro-I through a teaser video. This is not just any Sony smartphone, but the “greatest smartphone camera,” according to one early user shown in the teaser video. Official press renders of the phone have surfaced only a day before the presentation, giving us an early peek at this photographic beast.

Sony Xperia Pro-I Leaked on Twitter

Photographs taken by @nokishita c and shared on Twitter show the phone from a variety of perspectives, as well as some of its functions. According to the sources, the device is the Sony Xperia Pro-I.

Product image of the smartphone “Xperia PRO-I” equipped with a 1.0-inch sensor camera that Sony will soon announce.

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Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera details

The 1-inch camera sensor on the back of the phone seems to be the inspiration for the Xperia Pro-1’s moniker. According to reports, the camera is a completely new sensor that will debut on the next Xperia flagship. One of the features of the phone’s unveiling tomorrow will be this 1″ sensor. The sensor features a variable aperture and can vary between F2.0 and F4.0, as demonstrated in one of the photographs. Three more cameras are present vertically in the center of the phone beside the 1-inch sensor.

Sony Xperia Pro-I has leaked with a 1-inch camera sensor
Sony Xperia Pro-I Camera Lens | Source: Twitter

Unlike the Xperia Pro, which acted as a viewfinder when used in conjunction with Sony cameras. The Xperia Pro-I is going to be your sole camera. The phone is mounted to a gimbal and a few peripherals, including a microphone and a tiny display that acts as a vlog monitor, in one of the photographs. The Xperia Pro-I is also shown coupled to a white Sony VR headset in another shot, implying that Sony will most likely reveal a VR headset during tomorrow’s presentation.

Sony Xperia Pro-I Expected Price

The Xperia Pro-I, like the Xperia Pro, will be pricey, the smartphone can start at $1699 in the United States. Given its improved functionality and phenomenal camera, this new phone should have a higher launch price. What are your thoughts about the upcoming smartphone, do let us know in the comment section.

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