Skidrow Password | How to Crack any Game through It?

Sometimes when cracked games are downloaded they require specific passwords for them to be installed. Those passwords are known as Skidrow Password and more about it is mentioned in this article.

I. What is a Skidrow Password?

This password is given to users after they download a cracked version of a game or application.

Every time you download a cracked version of a game, a text file is also present in the downloaded folder aside from the actual zip or RAR files that contain your games. You will find a Skidrow password when you open that folder, which you will use to extract the game’s RAR files if they are locked.

The most common password for .RAR files is “skidrow,”. But many files require a different password in order to be opened. In that case, you’ll have to find the password either in the folder or if that’s not available you’ll have to search and surf across forums like Reddit.

II. How to Find the Skidrow Password?

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Finding the Skidrow password can be either very easy or very annoying. 

The easy case would be if the skidrow password is present in the downloaded files itself and you have to just simply get it from there. 

The slightly tough case would be to search on the internet for the specific game’s password and you will find it most likely on Reddit.

The most annoying one is the survey or tasks which some sites make you do to get the Skidrow Passwords. Later in this section, we will explain why they are the worst and why you should avoid them.

1. In the Text File

  • When you have got the skidrow crack file successfully downloaded, open it.
  • There will be a Password Crack or a README text file in it.
  • Open it, and if the password is available go ahead and copy that.

2. On the Internet

  • If the password isn’t available in the crack folder then finding it can become a little tricky.
  • You’ll have to then search on the internet for the Skidrow passwords for your particular game.
  • The best sources are Reddit, Youtube, Facebook, etc as there are specific groups and channels which provide those.
  • There are also Skidrow Password websites that upload passwords but they might or might not work.

3. Through Surveys

  • This is the one which might annoy you the most.
  • In this case, when you open the text file in the crack folder you’ll find a link to a survey and task website where you’ll have to complete those to get the Skidrow Password.
  • Now, this might work smoothly for you. But there have been complaints of this system being just a fad and users getting no Skidrow Passwords.
  • So pick your sources wisely (in any case).

4. Obtaining the Password through Special software

  • Now this one is the solution for you if all you found was just disappointment.
  • Softwares like these do some magic and give the password for the locked RAR files, in this case, the cracked game file.
  • There are many available and you can search and choose among them
  • The password they provide can be used as a Skidrow Password.

III. How to use the Skidrow Password?

Using the Skidrow Password is very straightforward.

  • Once you download a cracked game folder you will find a RAR file in it.
  • That RAR file contains the game data and it needs to be extracted.
  • So when you open it to extract it with software like WinRar you’ll be greeted with a dialog box asking you to enter a password.
  • You must have found the password by the methods discussed above.
  • Just paste the password and continue. 
  • The extraction should get completed and your game will be ready for you.

IV. Conclusion:

Cracked games and piracy are results of desperation. And desperate times require desperate moves like finding the Skidrow Passwords. 

Doing piracy is not cool and you should not do it. If you are financially capable of buying the games you should buy them, as it helps the developers who are doing all the hard work to make the game what it is.

We would like to clarify that this article doesn’t intend to encourage piracy in any way, it is intended to provide just the information and it is for educational purposes only.

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