Riot suspended Sinatraa for six months from Valorant Competitive play

American professional Valorant player for Sentinels, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, has been banned for violating Rule 8.1 of the VALORANT Global Competition Policy. He’ll also have to go through professional behaviour training. Even after being aware of Rule 8.1 and its consequences, he committed this crime. Riot now suspended Sinatraa for six months from Valorant Competitive play. 

Valorant esports banned Sinatraa for the duration of the investigation by Riot Games, since his ex-girlfriend, Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez, accused him of sexual misconduct. Even though his team, Sentinels, launched an internal investigation. 

Cleo also tweeted with doc a file where she confessed everything about her and Jay’s relationship. Claiming Jay that he is assaulting her and commits that her ex-girlfriend is mentally disabled. 

As a proof she also attached audio and screenshots in that doc file . 

Sinatraa’s actions during the investigation raised significant questions for Riot Games’ Competitive Operations team. Sinatraa was uncooperative during the investigation, and he also misrepresented evidence and made false statements.

Sinatraa was banned from Valorant esports
Jay ” Sinatraa” Won | Source: ESPN

Moreover, Sinatraa did not follow through on his social media promise to include the full audio and video clip that he stated in the post where he answered the allegations. Sinatraa is now suspended for six months.

Now, he must undergo professional conduct training; after that, he can play competitive Valorant again. Riot’s decision demonstrates that they wouldn’t tolerate such action from a Valorant pro.

Rule 8.1. by the Tournament Operator

The Tournament Operator will have the authority to track and prosecute any potential violations of this Global Policy and the relevant Event-Specific Rules. Every Team Member agrees to cooperate with the Tournament Operator in any internal or external investigation the Tournament Operator conducts relating to a possible violation of this Global Policy, the relevant Event-Specific Rules, or applicable law by agreeing to this Global Policy.

Team Members have a responsibility, to tell the truth in any investigation undertaken by or for the Tournament Operator, as well as a duty not to obstruct, deceive, or withhold evidence.

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