Everything about Samsung Self Repair Program: Price, Details, and Availability

Samsung continuously provides more easy and approachable choices for customers to extend the usage of their devices, encourage a circular economy, and reduce e-waste as part of its universal delivery of a customer-first care experience. The Galaxy S20 and S21 family of products, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+, will all be eligible for self-service product repair starting this summer, according to a recent announcement from Samsung Electronics America. Customers of Samsung will have access to actual device parts, repair equipment, and simple, step-by-step visual instructions. In this program, Samsung is working with iFixit, the top online repair community.  Read the below article to know more about  Samsung Self Repair price, details, and availability. 

Samsung Self Repair Price Details

Samsung claims that the parts will be priced similarly to those charged by any associated repair companies. For instance, a Samsung Galaxy S20 new display will cost $199.99 (around Rs 15,800), and a back glass panel will cost $69.99. (roughly Rs 5,500). Similarly, the S21 Ultra’s replacement USB-C port costs $67 to order. That costs a little less than what Samsung would charge you ($289 for an out-of-warranty repair). However, it is to note that Samsung has not specified in this repair program whether or not you would be able to buy a new battery.

Samsung Self Repair Programs: Availability 

Owners of Galaxy models S20, S21, and Tab S7+ are eligible to review the repair guides and supporting material. This will help them decide whether they wish to proceed with a self-repair or call Samsung care for the service. 

Everything about Samsung Self Repair Program: Price, Details, and Availability
Samsung Self Repair Program

Self Repair Programs Details by Samsung

By 2030, Samsung plans to gather and recycle 15 billion pounds of used goods and gadgets. All repair kits will include a return label for recycling so you can send used parts back to Samsung for no additional charge. Additionally, users will have free online access to both textual and visual repair tips.

You can visit iFixit to know what is needed for repairs and gain access to tools and step-by-step repair guides. 

Upon purchasing, Samsung repair parts come with a 90-day limited guarantee. The terms and conditions of Samsung, including the arbitration agreement, are accepted if you use or keep the part(s). If you have any concerns regarding the device’s warranty, please see the “Samsung warranty terms and conditions” on their official site.

It is indeed a good initiative taken by Samsung. As the leading Android Manufacturer, it can easily encourage other manufacturers to follow the same suit. Certainly, this will be revolutionary and will bring positive change to the environment. 

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