Samsung S22 Ultra Camera vs S21 Ultra Camera: Which Has The Better Ultra Camera?

Samsung S22 Ultra has launched recently on Wednesday at its Unpacked event. It will replace the last year’s S21 Ultra. The Samsung S21 ultra was loved very much by the users. Moreover, the Samsung S22 ultra was the buzz of the internet since its launching. The camera is one of the main parameters by which flagship devices are being compared nowadays. It has become an integral part of the user experience. Samsung S21 was mainly known for its’ awesome performance and 100x zoom. But, now here is the Samsung S22 Ultra which was believed to be providing the most ultra-camera of all times since before its’ release. Let’s compare cameras of these ultimate two camera flagship devices.

Samsung S21 Ultra Camera Specifications

Samsung S21 Ultra Camera
S21 Ultra Camera | Source: Samsung

Samsung S21 Ultra is configured with a bold camera design with an ultra-sized contour-cut camera with cutting-edge lenses. S21 Ultra supports 8k video recording with 24 fps which provides four times as many pixels as 4k. It is the highest resolution that a particular camera provides. S21 Ultra also supports an 8k video snap, to help you capture photos directly from the videos. It configures a 40 MP (f/2.2) front camera. S21 is packed with Quad camera of 108MP(f/1.8) wide-angle camera, 12MP(f/2.2) Ultra-wide camera, 10MP(f/2.4) Telephoto camera and 10 MP(f/2.4) Telephoto camera. It provides up to 3x and 10x Optical zoom. While it will provide up to 100x Super-resolution zoom.

Samsung S22 Ultra Camera Specifications

Samsung S22 Ultra Camera | Source: Samsung

It comes with a 40 MP(f/2.2) front camera which is the same as its predecessor. Moreover, it will possess the same 8k video recording as that of S21 ultra. It will configure Quad rear camera with the configuration of a 108MP(f/1.8) wide-angle camera, 12MP(f/2.2) Ultra-wide camera, 10MP(f/2.4) Telephoto camera, and 10MP(f/4.9) Telephoto camera. Thus, both possess the same quad-camera configuration. It will also support 3x, 10x Dual Optical Zoom, and super-resolution zoom up to 100x.

S22 ultra will possess a 2.4-micrometer pixel sensor- which will be Samsung’s largest pixel sensor camera ever. Samsung S22 Ultra practically provides improved image and video quality due to better processing. Moreover, the field of view on wide and telephoto lenses is a little bit wider in S22 Ultra as compared to S21 Ultra. S22 Ultra consists of far more-better macro and super-zoom than S21. Moreover, the camera samples of S22 are better than S21. Samsung has also promised to provide updates to Samsung S22 Ultra so that it will smartphone even better at night time photography and framing multiple subjects at once.


Although the configurations of both Samsung S22 Ultra and Samsung S21 look quite similar. The deep features like macro, sensors are better in S22, which is also depicted in the practical usage of both the cameras. Samsung S22 ultra is a clear winner in camera comparison due to its better photo-video quality, sensor up-gradation, and better super-zoom quality.

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