Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Flickering Display issue to be Fixed Soon

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the most trending device since before it’s launching due to its’ high-quality screen resolution and superior camera. The display panel of S22 ultra is considered to be the best display panel in the world. It can go up to 1,750 nits of peak brightness. The flagship device was launched in February 9, 2022. Moreover, Company had also promised to start delivery of devices by February 25. But many users have got their device earlier. But some users are facing some flickering display issues on their S22 Ultra. Let’s discuss what this flickering display issue is and when it will be resolved?

Flickering display issue in Samsung S22 Ultra

Some users of this high-end flagship device with Exynos 2022 are facing an odd display issue. This issue is faced by users when they are using WQHD resolution and Natural color mode. It occurs while using YouTube or even unlocking the device. In this flickering display bug of S22 ultra, a line of pixels is running on the whole display. Moreover, in all cases, the line is running at the same position as the display. But this issue is only limited to natural mode as in Vivid mode no such complaints are being faced.

This flickering display bug is not seeming to be a hardware bug as changing the screen mode is making the display seem normal. It seems to be a small problem that shall be solved in a small software update but is a bad thing for such a high-tag device. But as the issue is limited also to S22 ultra and no other device using Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is affected. It is not that big issue as Samsung has already acknowledged this mistake.

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When will Flickering display issue resolve?

An official forum moderator of Samsung has replied to concerned users that they already have acknowledged the problem. Moreover, they have also built a solution for the same and shall release it as soon as possible. They have also suggested avoiding using the device on WQHD resolution and Natural screen mode. You can either use Full HD+ resolution on Natural mode or switch to Vivid color mode.

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