Titanmail Skin Bundle in Valorant

Valorant is a first-person hero shooter, a battle royale game. After every few weeks, any battle royale game will have some kind of update. The most recent update in Valorant is Patch 4.09. Patch 4.09 introduced a few noticeable changes in-game. Patch 4.09 also launched a new skin bundle. This new skin bundle is titled – “Titanmail”. Let us know more about this skin bundle – the Titanmail in Valorant.

Titanmail Skin Bundle Details:

Like most of the skin bundles in Valorant, the Titanmail bundle also consists of skins for five weapons. The weapons are –

1- Titanmail Vandal
2- Titanmail Bucky
3-Titanmail Frenzy
4-Titanmail Ares

The five one in this bundle is a melee skin; but is a unique one because of its unique equip animation and also because it resembles a Trident. The skin bundle features a Mace as its melee weapon. It is called

  • Titanmail Mace

Other contents of the Titanmail bundle haven’t been revealed yet.

Price & Tier of the Titanmail Skin Bundle in Valorant:

As per reports, the bundle will be under the category of the Deluxe Edition skin tier. As a Deluxe Edition skin bundle, this bundle has minimal features. The items from this collection don’t carry upgradable features like VFX, Finishers, or Animation. Skins from the Titanmail bundle have a unique appearance and contain sound effects tailored to the nature of the collection.

If you would like to purchase an item from the bundle individually, expect the melee, the rest all cost 1225 Valorant Points; whereas the melee costs 2550 Valorant Points; and if you love to purchase the entire bundle at once, it costs you just 5100 Valorant Points.

Release Date:

Patch 4.09 was launched yesterday i.e.; 11th of May,2022 at 3:30 AM IST.

The Titanmail skin bundle will likely replace the existing bundle in the game’s Featured Bundle section. I suggest players to purchase items from the RGX 11z Pro 2 bundle before the bundle expires.

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